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Welcome to Thomas W. Lynch & Associates

Our law firm has offices conveniently located in the southwestern Chicago suburbs and we focus on assisting individuals and business-owners who are dealing with Tax, Bankruptcy or Real Estate issues or who are in need of evaluation of Medical Malpractice issues, or for legal Defense for Criminal or DUI matters (for these last three items please review the separate listings on these subjects on this website) We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of personalized service.

When you are facing legal problems or are being harassed by tax or bill collectors, remember:

It Is in Your Best Interest to Work with Experienced, Local Attorneys

What makes us different from other law offices?

  • We have IRS and state tax enforcement experienced attorneys on our staff whose experience includes protecting clients from the most serious Federal and State Tax issues. 
  • Our staff includes an attorney and accountant who have certified public accountant training (CPA’s) as well as a trained bookkeeper on staff to assist in analysis of documentation.  In addition we regularly work with professionals with whom we have established relationships to expand our ability to handle complex issues. 
  • We have filed Thousands of bankruptcies for residents and business-owners in the Chicago-land area.
  • We have assisted individuals and businesses, including large businesses, with debt workouts.
  • We are well-versed in Illinois bankruptcy laws.
  • We offer free, confidential and in-person initial consultations.
  • We charge competitive rates for our services and work with our clients to set up easy and manageable payment schedules.
  • We have offices in two, easy-to-get-to locations in the southwestern Chicago suburbs.
  • We have served the local community for more than twenty years.
  • We have flexible evening and weekend hours available for your convenience.

Client Testimonial:

“Great bankruptcy attorney. We believed we had a complicated bankruptcy case and met with Mr. Lynch to discuss it. He was engaging and made it easy for us to understand our bankruptcy options. He communicated clearly what the next steps in filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy would be ,and after we got him our documents, he followed through on what he said he was going to do. In fact, he was successful in removing a second mortgage lien from our property!”

P. Nicholas, Bankruptcy Client

We Solve Tax Problems

There are a number of circumstances under which you might find yourself in need of a tax attorney. These can include a back-log of non-filed income tax returns, large or overwhelming tax debts, the presence of a tax lien for unpaid taxes, an upcoming audit or even criminal charges for tax evasion or fraud. Any of these problems can turn a business or individual “upside down” if they are not handled properly and expediently (not surprising first piece of advice, get in early in the process regardless of where you stand).

Tax and Debt IssuesThese situations include circumstances where: a back log of non-filed income tax returns exist, large or overwhelming tax liabilities threaten a business or individual, pending tax lien for unpaid property tax, audits or tax court issues threaten to turn a business or individual “upside down” if not handled properly, or worst of all being confronted with potential or actual criminal charges for tax evasion or fraud.

In these situations it is best to work with experienced tax professionals who are familiar with the IRS tax code and state tax laws and know how to bring your problem to its best possible outcome.

The tax attorneys at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates understand the workings of the government agencies who may be confronting you. Our legal staff includes:

  • An attorney who has previously worked for the Internal Revenue Service in positions involving audit, collections and criminal tax enforcement and for the Illinois Attorney General’s Office in a position involving state tax law enforcement.
  • Litigation attorneys, criminal attorneys and a support staff that includes accountants and others who are familiar with dealing with tax matters.

Clients who have turned to us for help with their tax problems have benefited from our confidential handling of their problems.

Client Testimonial:

“I have been a client of this law firm since its inception. They are excellent. They are expert tax professionals and are great for general law. I have recommended them to family and friends for years.”

Michael, Tax-Problem Client

We can provide the services you need to most effectively address your personal or business tax-related problems. Arrange for a FREE initial consultation now by calling us at (708) 598-5999. Or, if you prefer, you can simply complete the online request form in the upper right-hand corner of this page, and someone on our staff will contact you shortly.

We Solve Estate Problems, Including Advising overall, as well as Producing Wills and Trusts, and Estate Litigation on Larger and Smaller Estates as Needed.

When preparing for the end of life or dealing with the end of the life of a loved one, you are confronted by a number of issues you must deal with.  This firm has helped large numbers of people find their way through this, frequently complex, landscape.  Whether you simply require advice and direction, or whether you require more complex assistance to get you through a difficult time this firm is often part of the solution. 

People are often confronted with complex requirements involved with seeing that property properly transfers hands, complying with the requirements of government, including taxing authorities, or they may be confronted with which conflicts with family and others as to how issues should be handled.  This firm has advised, assisted and done the work to help many people through those difficult times.  

We Solve Debt and Bankruptcy Problems

There are a number of reasons that people and businesses can find themselves facing unmanageable debt. Problems with lack of employment or under-employment, personal or family issues, or even a faltering economy can all play a role in creating a financial hole that you are struggling to climb out of. You may be dealing with collectors who are harassing you for payment on:

  • Credit card debt
  • Personal debt
  • Mortgage debt
  • Federal or state tax debt
  • Overwhelming medical bills

Very few people are comfortable with the idea of filing for bankruptcy. Sometimes, however, when economic hardships begin spiraling out of control, this drastic step may be your only viable solution. Our experienced bankruptcy attorneys can review your personal or business-related finances to help you understand your options and to explain how our firm can help.

When considering our law firm for your debt management or bankruptcy needs, remember:

  • We have helped more than THREE THOUSAND individuals and business owners in the Chicagoland area achieve financial liberty through the filing of bankruptcy claims.
  • We have assisted many thousands more with determining the right course of action for handling their debt problems and have helped them achieve debt-relief without the need to file for bankruptcy.

Consulting an experienced bankruptcy attorney to obtain the legal advice you need is your wise course of action. We are a fully-insured debt relief agency and we can help you in a number of ways including:

  • debt reduction through expert negotiations
  • debt consolidation assistance
  • individual or business bankruptcy filing, and
  • other debt relief programs, as appropriate.

We will make it as easy as possible for you to get the information you need. You can learn more by meeting with out of our bankruptcy attorneys at absolutely no cost and with no obligation to retain our services. We believe that you will come away from this consultation with a better grasp on what steps you can take to alleviate your debt burden.

Start yourself on the path to a brighter future, and stop dealing with the needless stress of trying to handle the burdens life deals without experienced help, by setting up a free initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable lawyers. Simply complete and submit our online request form or call us at (708) 598-5999. Rest assured that your personal information will always be kept fully confidential.

Client Testimonial:

“This place was extremely helpful during my bankruptcy. The secretary Kathy was the best. She explained the whole process to me and my husband, answered all of our questions and was very understanding to our situation. You guys made going through a very hard time in our lives much better. Thank you! “

Anna, Bankruptcy Client

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There are many advantages to working with a small local law firm. Join the thousands of others in the southwestern Chicagoland area who have turned to our firm for their legal needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and to arrange a free initial consultation.

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