Bankruptcy Attorney in Berwyn, IL

Bankruptcy Attorney in Berwyn, IL

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Orland Park, IL Bankruptcy AttorneyThese days, many people are experiencing financial difficulties. With companies downsizing, layoffs and elimination of jobs are increasingly common. Unexpected illnesses, a troubled economy that is making many small businesses go under, and a high unemployment rate are other aspects of this picture. If you are having financial problems, you are not alone. Falls a payment or two behind on your mortgage or credit card bills and soon, even if you have been paying them on time for many years, you start to get dunning letters and phone calls, and threats of collection actions, foreclosure, wage garnishment, vehicle repossession, etc. You don’t know what to do or where to turn.

Many people like you in Berwyn are facing this crisis, and it threatens to turn your life upside down. You don’t want to lose your home, your car, and your possessions. If you have a job, you don’t want the embarrassment and financial burden of a wage garnishment, and don’t want to be dragged into court by credit card companies on collection lawsuits.

Whether you are a business owner, a wage earner, or currently unemployed, if you are in financial difficulty, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates is a law firm that can furnish the help you are looking for as we can give you the services for debt relief  which  will help you get away from  the bottomless pit of mounting debt.

Thomas W. Lynch & Associates provides absolutely free in person confidential guidance and advice with experienced, knowledgeable and well qualified bankruptcy attorneys with deep expertise in Illinois bankruptcy laws. From a relatively simple case of helping you file your Chapter 7 (liquidation with debts cancelled) bankruptcy claim for individuals to the more complex procedure surrounding Chapter 13 (wage earner’s plan, keep your home, stop interest running on debts) bankruptcy for individuals. Or a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for business-owners may suit your needs and situation.

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The attorneys of Thomas W. Lynch are professionally licensed, comprehensively insured and together have decades of accumulated experience in bankruptcy and related areas of legal practice, serving the entire Southwest Chicagoland area.

Thomas W Lynch PCThomas W. Lynch personally founded the firm in 1992 as an attorney after already having a distinguished and successful career as a tax agent for the IRS and an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois. A 1977 graduate of Depaul University, his broad experience with federal and state agencies and his devotion to serving his clients has garnered him a reputation as among the state’s premier lawyers.  He concentrates his practice in Bankruptcy, Tax Law (both federal and state), Real Estate, and Business matters.

Attorney Brian G. Snyder has 26 years of experience practicing law in numerous areas including estate planning, real estate, bankruptcy, collections, forcible detainer actions, and litigation.  He graduated from Western Michigan University Cooley Law School in 1993.  He is a member of the Illinois State Bar, the Federal Bar of the Northern District of Illinois, and the Federal Bar of Indiana.  He has experience in the application of the bankruptcy law including the administration of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases; the knowledge of the Bankruptcy Code and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy procedure for application in the bankruptcy process; ability to extract pertinent information from petitions, court filings and orders; prepared pleadings; and accurately, courteously, and professionally resolved issues for debtors.

Attorney Noreen C. Lennon brings a broad professional background to her work. Noreen’s expertise in legal research and writing allows her to effectively advocate for her clients. Central to her professional approach is a deep empathy and concern for each client. A graduate of The Catholic University of America (B.A., History, 1992), Noreen completed a year as a social services advocate in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps: NW, followed by three years on staff in the Admissions Office at Seattle University. Noreen attended Creighton University School of Law where she was selected for the Creighton Law Review, serving as a Student Articles Editor in her third year.

If you are experiencing personal or business debt problems in Berwyn, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates provides excellent bankruptcy lawyers for your situation.

When you need help for tax debt problems, bankruptcy problems, or general debt relief, you should not hesitate to call us immediately at (708) 598-5999 for a confidential free consultation in person.


Bankruptcy might seem frightening to many, but to those in financial distress, it can give you a new start in life, furnish you with relief from harassment and threats by creditors, get rid of debts altogether, or work out a structured payment plan whereby you can pay off a portion of the debt over time, with reduced payments, a hold on the running of interest, and a stop to pending or threatened lawsuits, repossessions, foreclosures, wage garnishments, or bank account seizures. For many, it is actually the only real viable option. It may well be your very best option if you have troubling debt to begin again with a new start. Declaring yourself bankrupt is a realistic and effective way to protect yourself, your family, your business, or other property, such as a home.

We at Thomas W. Lynch are experienced bankruptcy attorneys ready, willing, and able to use our powerful storehouse of expertise and experienced to help out with troubling personal or business debt problems. We can handle all the forms of bankruptcy, encompassing individual bankruptcies (Chapter 7 & Chapter 13) and business bankruptcies (Chapter 7 & 11).

Individual Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)

The appealing aspect for most people who qualify for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 is the realistic prospect that you can often keep much of your property, including your home, your car, household furnishings, and other personal possessions. All this while obtaining relief from crippling debt and huge unaffordable monthly payments, with the discharge of many forms of unsecured debts, such as hospital bills, credit card bills, wage garnishments, court judgments, and select taxes.

Individual Bankruptcy (Chapter 13)

The majority of Chapter 13 bankruptcies filed by individual people normally end up with the person or family retaining their home and belongings. Chapter 13 often is the best answer for families who are behind on their monthly mortgage payments, home equity loans, or other major financial obligations. It involves setting up a payment plan to pay off a portion of your debts for a time period that can be up to five years, often with a reduced monthly payment and a hold on the running of interest.

Business Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)

Sometimes Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the last remaining viable way out for business owners confronted with the unfortunate fact that they must close their business due to inadequate profits in order to service its outstanding debts. A business Chapter 7 permits a business owner to get on with their personal plans and puts an immediate halt to all forms of harassment by creditors and collection agencies, decreasing the likelihood of ongoing litigation, and routinely winds up with a business proprietor being able to explore other avenues of business and careers without any liabilities from their former business hanging over them.

Business Bankruptcy (Chapter 11)

Utilizing Chapter 11 bankruptcy regulations might be a beneficial path for business-entrepreneurs to consider if they want to try to remain open and in business.  A court supervised reorganization can help the business get out of unprofitable contracts and obligations, and immediate relief from crippling debt. It enables a business to make a new start in a streamlined fashion, focusing in areas where it has the possibility of being a success.

We have helped provide debt relief to over 3,000 clients.

Berwyn, Illinois 60402

Berwyn is a family community in Cook County that is both a city and a township, with a total population of over 56,000 people and over 18,900 households. Berwyn was founded as a city in 1908 after being broken off from Cicero Township. It has a total area of 3.90 square miles, and no bodies of water.

The city is known for having many brick two-story bungalows with a unique Chicago style, and many buildings with elaborate designs featuring such things as clay tile roofs, terra cotta, intricate brick patterns, and stained glass windows. It is served by two public elementary school districts with 12 schools and two different high schools, one in Berwyn and one in nearby Cicero. There are also two Catholic parochial grade schools. Large employers in the city include MacNeal Hospital, J. Sterling Morton High School District, and the city itself, as well as the Turano Baking Company. Berwyn hosts an annual art car parade popularly known as Cartopia, featuring a parade a show by art car artists from around the nation, as well as an annual Vintage Car Show.

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