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Completing and submitting federal tax returns is the duty of every American citizen; however, there are many of us who for one reason or another fail to comply with our tax laws which can get us into a lot of trouble with the IRS. In case you didn’t know, tax evasion is a crime, and it is punishable by jail or heavy fines.

There are many types of tax crimes and many types of situation in which they can arise. Sometimes we are guilty of acting criminally, sometimes not. But every case is unique, and usually there is a reason for committing an act of tax fraud.

Whether you have avoided an IRS audit or have become a victim of circumstances that sees you facing an allegation of filing a false or fraudulent return, one thing is very clear – your best defense against a criminal charge comes in the form of the professional tax attorney.

The tax lawyers of Thomas W. Lynch are highly trained and have years of experience in all aspects of criminal law making our practice one of the leading law offices in the southwest suburban Chicagoland area.

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The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch includes:

Attorney Thomas W. Lynch is a former IRS tax agent and Assistant Illinois Attorney General. The firm’s founding partner, he has extensive experience in financial, tax, and estate law and provides his clients with expertise in the areas of tax, debt, estate transactions, and other financial problems.

Scott A. Schimanski, Esquire passed the State of Illinois Bar Examination in 1997 and received an advanced degree in tax law (LLM in Taxation) in 1999. He is a former IRS Revenue Officer and has been addressing tax issues with taxpayers since 1991 helping them with tax assessments, collection, and enforcement of basic tax compliance regulations.


The Criminal Tax Issues We Cover

We know only too well your apprehension about tax complexities here at the law offices of Thomas W. Lynch, and we understand the government agencies that may be investigating you, especially when it comes to Federal and Illinois tax prosecution.

Civil Tax Defense Issues come in many forms. Our clients with “tax problems” have included those who face problems resulting from negligence, intentional acts, participation in protests, and for other reasons.Criminal tax investigations can have the obvious effect of leading you to being the subject of criminal tax fraud charges.

If you have failed to file a tax return, you can take some comfort from knowing that you   have not been the first, but you can also take some reassurance from the fact that the lawyers of Thomas W. Lynch have all the experience required to tackle most tax crime cases.

Business Tax

Business people may find themselves and their businesses investigated for failure to pay a variety of taxes. Tax investigators might uncover evidence of filing fraudulent claims as a tax preparer or violations of other laws which you may not even be aware that you or your business are violating.

In each case, our tax lawyers have all the knowledge required to tackle the issue at hand.

Income Tax & Employment Tax

Income tax issues, employment tax problems, or any cases of IRS investigation are not situations a person should deal with by themselves. This is why Thomas W. Lynch Attorneys can provide the services you need to most effectively address your tax problem with confidentiality always our primary consideration.

Criminal Tax Defense

Our firm not only includes experienced tax attorneys,it also includesLitigation Attorneys, Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys, and a Support Staff which includes Accountants and others who are highly trained, qualified, and who have experience in dealing with many tax issuesincluding money laundering or if you have been involved in an abusive tax scheme.

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In existence since the 1820s when emigrants from the Eastern side of the U.S. moved in, Tinley Park soon became a thriving community when German settlers started arriving 20 years later accompanied by Irish, Polish, English, Scottish, and Canadians, among others. Tinley Park is now home to 58,000 residents situated 21 miles shy of the Chicago Loop. Thoughtful planning makes Tinley Park very attractive to businesses and new residents alike. As a result, Tinley Park boasts some of the best schools, recreational facilities, and solid neighborhoods in this southwest area of Chicago. Unique features of the town are the award-winning 70,000 sq. ft. Tony Bettenhausen Recreation Center, the White Water Canyon Water Park,  and the 420 acres of natural parkland. The 28,000-seat First Midwest Bank Amphitheater is also an outstanding facility in the heart of Tinley Park.

So Remember…

If you have a tax problem in Tinley Park, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates provide professional help for every criminal tax defense situation.

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