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Are You a Victim of Medical Malpractice in Berwyn, IL? Get Help from Experienced Attorneys.

octoberblog15The city of Berwyn is situated in Cook County and is home to more than 56,000 residents. Just west of Chicago, the city’s primary employers include healthcare professionals and government organizations. Berwyn is a budding arts community that focuses on providing entertainment and music venues. Unfortunately, the residents of this community are not immune to the problems associated with medical malpractice.

The Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates has an office right here in Berwyn and offers medical malpractice expertise for victims who have suffered as a result of deficient medical treatments. Experienced attorneys on our staff will work with victims and their family members to help them receive the compensation they are due. Our law firm has more than 20 years of experience serving the community of Berwyn and surrounding areas, and we offer flexible weekend and evening hours to make it convenient for victims or their loved ones to meet one-on-one with our attorneys.

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch offers complimentary consultations to victims of medical malpractice. Residents of Berwyn can complete our online request form or contact us directly at (708) 598-5999. Call now to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation advisory session.

It Is Important to File Medical Malpractice Claims Quickly

Illinois state law imposes a statute of limitations for medical malpractice lawsuits, so it is vital that victims act quickly. When claims are filed in a timely matter, our experts are best able to obtain accurate, recent witness accounts. This increases the potential for a positive outcome in a court of law. Additionally, acting fact allows victims to quickly collect funds that may be necessary for additional medical treatments.

Attorneys at The Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates work with several professionals that offer efficient and skilled legal expertise in matters that relate to medical malpractice. These experts are well trained to analyze medical malpractice cases, gather evidence of wrongdoing and neglect, and prepare cases for settlements or court hearings.

Medical malpractice damages encompass several factors, which may include punitive, general and specific damages.

  • Punitive damages require that attorneys prove that the medical facility, physician or nurse acted in a manner that contradicted medical requirements, purposefully endangering the patient’s life or wellbeing.
  • General damages may include the loss of enjoyment of life, mental or physical suffering and loss of future income.
  • Specific damages often include medical bills, missed work and other quantifiable expenses.

Our attorneys will work hard to ensure that you receive all of the financial reparation to which you are entitled. We handle all the necessary legal work to ensure that your claim is filed and processed in a timely manner and will represent you in court so that you do not have to make repeated trips into downtown Chicago.

People suffering the effects of medical malpractice do not need to suffer in silence. The Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates work with expert victims’ rights advocates to help represent you as we present your case. Contact us directly by calling (708) 598-5999 or completing our online request form. We will be happy to schedule a free consultation during which time we can evaluate your case.

Why Contact Our Law Firm?

If you are the victim of medical practice, you may require extensive and expensive medical treatments, medications, hospitalizations and rehabilitation. You may also be suffering from loss of income, which effects medical insurance eligibility and often puts a strain on relationships and loved ones. For all this, you should be compensated.

The professionals at The Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates will devote the necessary time and attention to your case details, helping to secure your rightful monetary awards. Whether we are consulting one-on-one with victims, providing guidance to family members or handling wrongful death claims, we work with medical malpractice experts to review claim facts and evaluate and investigate medical records.

You have enough on your mind during this difficult time. That is why we will handle all the necessary, complicated legal paperwork that is required for filing medical malpractice claims and will enable you to limit your travel to our Berwyn office while we represent you in court in Chicago.

National medical malpractice statistics offer encouraging figures for victims afflicted by complications related to medical malpractice.

  • Nearly 93% of all medical malpractice claims are settled out-of-court via mediation or direct settlements.
  • Approximately 46% of all medical malpractice lawsuits are due to diagnosis errors by physicians or medical facilities.
  • 34% of medical malpractice litigation relates to surgery-related wrongdoings.
  • The national average for outpatient medical malpractice compensation is $290,000, while the average for inpatient injuries is $363,000.
  • Approximately 61% of all cases settled outside of courtrooms favor the victim.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from mental or physical ailments that are the direct result of medical malpractice complications, contact the Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates today. An attorney on our staff can review your case details and consult you about your next course of action. Call us at (708) 598-5999 or complete our Web-form to arrange an appointment now.