Tax Attorney in Hometown IL

Tax Attorney in Hometown IL

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With Cook County’s numerous local governments facing mounting debts totaling some $108 billion in 2011 – the equivalent tax debt average per household of $63,525 in the city of Chicago and $32,901 in the suburbs – its little wonder taxpayers are feeling the pinch. And with the recent announcement of a tax increase from 3% to 5% things are bound to get a whole lot worse for many thousands of households already facing tax issues.

That’s where the tax lawyers of Thomas W. Lynch can help. Fully insured, our practice has years of experience in all areas of tax, bankruptcy, criminal and estate law making our offices one of the leading law firms in the Southwest Suburban Chicagoland area.

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The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch includes:

Thomas W. Lynch, Attorney Fully-qualified via the Illinois Bar Examination, Attorney Thomas W. Lynch is the firm’s founding partner. Mr. Lynch is a one-time IRS tax agent and Assistant Illinois Attorney General. Since 1992, Mr. Lynch has worked in his present law firm, concentrating his practice in Bankruptcy, Federal and State Tax Law, Real Estate and Business matters. He is vastly experienced in dealing with federal tax agencies and the state Attorney General’s office since graduating from DePaul University in 1977.

Robert W. Maucker, Attorney Attorney Robert W. Maucker of counsel to this firm is a former businessman for 30 years in the Construction and Woodworking Industry. His areas of expertise include Probate cases and preparation of Wills and Trusts as well as Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. In 1992, Mr. Maucker acted on a long held desire to enter into the practice of law and enrolled in the DePaul University College of Law from which he graduated in 1997.

Martin Doorhy, Attorney Since 1992 Attorney Martin Doorhy has been practicing criminal defense work, which includes major traffic cases, throughout northern Illinois. Mr. Doorhy is a former U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General and is Professor of Constitutional Law at DePaul University. His extensive professional and academic background is his greatest facet when acting as advocate for clients faced with criminal charges.

Scott A. Schimanski, Attorney Scott A. Schimanski, Attorney, passed the State of Illinois Bar Examination in 1997 and received an advanced degree in tax law (LLM in Taxation) in 1999. He is a former IRS Revenue Officer and has been addressing tax issues with taxpayers since 1991 helping them with tax assessment, collection and enforcement of basic tax compliance regulation. Mr. Schimanski has provided representation to clients involved in litigation issues before Federal, State and Local Administrative Bodies and Arbitration Panels.

Mr. Martin-Johnston, Attorney Michael Martin-Johnston is a talented local Attorney and has garnered a wealth of experience at the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, the U.S. Department of Energy and also the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. He has wide-ranging experience in state and federal civil procedures as well as governmental enforcement actions. His main areas of expertise are in federal and bankruptcy litigation on behalf of individuals, family-owned businesses, and multi-national companies.

Our rates are considered reasonable and we offer convenient evening and weekend hours for consultations and appointments. And we always work with our clients to arrange methods of payment to suit them and their circumstances.

Our office is located just off interstate 294 at 95th street Exit 1, half a mile west.

IRS Tax Problems

Thomas W. Lynch & Associates has all of the in-depth legal knowledge needed if this involves managing IRS collections and 2 lawyers with express IRS understanding. Our practice offers assistance and support with IRS audit.

Tax Lien & Tax Levy

Another key part of the service provided by Thomas W. Lynch is tax negotiation. Our IRS tax lien lawyers and IRS tax levy attorneys are well-experienced in all matters relating to tax relief and for those in front of Illinois tax prosecution.

Non-Filing Tax Returns

The tax litigation attorneys of Thomas W. Lynch have provided help for scores of people and business-proprietors when it involves cases of non-filing tax returns. We are also fully certified to conduct 941 Illinois tax non-filing.

Our practice can also assist you with:

  • Tax Criminal Prosecution
  • Tax Evasion Allegations
  • State Tax Appeals
  • Tax Court Procedures

As well as providing non-filer assistance, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates also offer the following legal services:


Our practice is a Member of the American Bankruptcy Institute and has helped over 3,000 individual’s secure IRS tax debt relief. All our attorneys are fully qualified in Illinois bankruptcy laws. Thomas W. Lynch bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience when it comes to assisting people file bankruptcy papers.

Criminal & DUI Representation

There are many situations and scenarios that may leave individuals in a position where they suddenly find themselves faced with charges for criminal offenses against which they have to defend themselves. Thomas W. Lynch provides the greatest-quality criminal attorneys to consider such actions for you specifically. We also have expert DUI lawyers for illegal motoring cases.

Real Estate Attorney Representation

We offer up-to-date advice on all matters concerning real estate regulations and have a real estate attorney fully qualified in all aspects of property law. Our property tax lawyers are second to none.

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Hometown, Cook County, IL 60456

Currently there are just over 4,500 residents in Hometown enjoying tight-knit community life that was fostered and nurtured back in the 1950s by the hard work of the early GI contingent and their young families who were offered the chance to settle there. In the words of the current mayor, Hometown is proud to be the place “where you are friends with your neighbors and you look out for the best interests of the community.”

The City of Hometown, 12 miles southwest of Chicago’s Loop, was established in 1954 when Joseph E. Merrion developed inexpensive duplex homes at the end of World War Two with the aim of providing affordable housing for GIs and their families.

The population peaked at 7,000 in 1958, but the aftermath of a tornado that ravaged the town in 1967 destroying 86 homes and causing considerable damage to 500 others played some part in depleting the town of inhabitants. However, the town managed to pick itself up and thanks to its innate community spirit Hometown continues to thrive in Cook County.

Thomas W. Lynch & Associates also provide services to clients in nearby Burbank, IL and Oak Lawn, IL

Help is at hand…

Whatever your personal debt problem Thomas W. Lynch & Associates provide the tax attorneys for every eventuality. Call us now on (708) 598-5999 for free confidential in-person consultation.