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Do You Need a Wills & Estate Attorney Near Oak Lawn, IL?

The friendly Village of Oak Lawn, IL is a close-knit community where people get to know their neighbors. Residents take pride in the village’s outstanding healthcare facilities like Advocate Christ Medical Center and Hope Children’s Hospital. Village officials have made thoughtful planning a priority, which is apparent in the area’s well-kept residential communities, public schools, parks, and retail plazas.

With so much care and consideration put into their community, it’s no surprise that residents of the 60453 and 60454 Zip Codes see tremendous value in protecting the financial future of their families. When it comes time to plan their wills and estates, they turn to an experienced Wills & Estate attorney like the legal team at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates PC.

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Helping Oak Lawn, IL Residents Plan Their Estates

Outlining a plan for what will happen with your assets when you die is not a task reserved solely for senior adults. Younger individuals and couples should also make estate planning a priority, especially when they have young children who depend on them for financial support. Without a detailed plan that names someone you trust to transfer your assets and care of your minor children, you lose control over the disposition of your property and the guardianship of your children after you die.

At Thomas W. Lynch & Associates PC, we guide you through a thorough estate planning process to help you take care of your family and ensure there are no lingering questions about what you want when you die. Our estate planning services include helping you:

  • Create a will
  • Set up a trust for your children
  • Draft health care directives
  • Establish a durable power of attorney for your finances
  • File beneficiary forms
  • Protect your children’s property
  • Protect your family business
  • Understand estate taxes

 Don’t leave your family to struggle with questions surrounding the division of your assets after your death. Call the estate planning attorneys at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates PC today at (708) 598-5999 to begin planning for the road ahead.


Guiding Oak Lawn, IL Families Through the Probate Process

For Illinois residents, going through probate–the court-supervised legal process of transferring the assets of a deceased person to his or her heirs–is usually required. Probate helps ensure that all valid debts and taxes are paid by the estate. It also helps spell out who inherits any remaining property and assets. The probate process usually takes six months to complete. However, in more complicated situations, it can take up to a year or more.

There are some exceptions that help simplify the probate process. For example, estates worth less than $100,000 require very little paperwork and family members do not need to appear in court. Larger estates, or those involving contentious heirs, benefit from the assistance of a probate attorney who helps family members comply with the requirements of probate court.

At Thomas W. Lynch & Associates PC, we proudly serve families who need help navigating the most common issues surrounding probate including:

  • Avoiding Probate
  • Contesting a Will
  • Handling Estate Debts
  • Understanding Estate Taxes

 Get the legal help you need to navigate probate. Call Thomas W. Lynch & Associates PC today at (708) 598-5999 to speak with an experienced probate attorney, or if you prefer, complete our online request form to have someone in our office contact you.


Learn Why Oak Lawn, IL Residents Love Working with TWL

At Thomas W. Lynch & Associates P.C., we make it easy for our clients to work with us. Our approach to client service and fair billing practices alleviates the concerns many new clients have about unaffordable fees and unavailable attorneys. As a small boutique firm, we are better equipped to cater to our clients in a variety of ways, including:

  • Offering evening and weekend appointments so there is no need to take time away from work to meet with us
  • Providing affordable rates and flexible payment schedules
  • Making sure clients always speak with a live person when they call our office during business hours
  • Giving personalized attention to every case

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