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Terms of Service:

Welcome to the Website for the Law Office Of  Thomas W. Lynch P.C.   This website is intended to offer the General Public basic information on the subjects of Dealing with Federal and State Tax Problems, Filing Bankruptcy as an individual or as a business, Dealing With Debt, Real Estate and Criminal Law issues.  This website is also intended to make people aware of the specific services offered by this firm.   We do our best to present up to date information on the law for use in assisting people in making  decisions on how to proceed in dealing with legal problems which confront them.  This information is not a substitute for consulting with a qualified attorney.

As part of providing information to interested users, this website may obtain information from and about its users.  To protect parties who view or otherwise use this website, this site has adopted certain policies in regard to the information which it obtains.  These policies are intended to make the use of this website safe and comfortable for all users.  By continuing to use this website users agree that they have read and understand these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and that they agree to abide by these policies.

Online Privacy Policy :

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. is interested in protecting the privacy rights of all who use this site.  In light of this interest, The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. would like you to know about our practices regarding the collection of personal information, which you provide in using this site.  Please read this entire Privacy Policy before using or submitting information to this site.  When you access or use this Site you consent tot the use of your information in accordance with this Policy.

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. monitors overall site traffic to ensure that users of the website are able to access information in an effective manner (administrative monitoring).  By monitoring overall site traffic The Law office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. intends to continually improve this website to make it more helpful in meeting user’s needs.  Except as note below, The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch does not share or distribute any information it receives on users of this site except as is necessary for contractors to work on improvements to the website, and then only with the written understanding that such contractors may not share such information with third parties.

Specific information provided by users of this site, such as the user’s name, address, e-mail address and other information is used by The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch only for the purpose for which it was solicited.  This purpose is ordinarily to assist a user  in determining whether this Law Firm is able to assist the user by working on the user’s legal problem, normally by having the user become a client of this Law Firm.  This use may also include assisting the user by providing the user with basic legal guidance to assist the user for whatever purpose the user may have.

Information provided by users of this site is not made available to third parties unless it is done so with the written consent of the user and then only to further assist the user of this site in finding a Law Firm which offers services which more closely meet the user’s needs.  In the event we begin using a “blog” or “bulletin board”  in this site, information posted by a user for  public viewing shall be plainly available to other users until the user who posted the material requests such information be removed, or otherwise, until the site administrators determine they wish to remove the information.

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. will comply to the extent reasonably possible to requests form any user that information which they previously submitted be deleted from any list on which the user added its information within a reasonable period of time after being notified by the user that they are no longer interested in being included on such list.  A simple e-mail to this office requesting they be removed from any such list will be considered sufficient notification in all cases.

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. has put into place reasonable controls to protect information you provide to this firm and website from loss, misuse, unwarranted disclosure or other improper transmission.

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. does not sell any information provided by users of this site.

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P. C. may disclose information provided by users of this site if such action is necessary to:

Comply with legal process such as a subpoena or court order;

Defend the Law Firm against legal claims;

Report activity believed, in good faith, to be illegal;

Protect against abuse, misuse or unauthorized use of this website;

Protect people or property in emergency situations.

In the event The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch is required to disclose user information pursuant to one of the above-noted exceptions, The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch shall make efforts to see that disclosures are made only to the minimum extent necessary to meet the requirements of the exception.

Users should be aware that laws enforced by a variety of Government Agencies are increasingly targeting people who defame, abuse, harass, stalk or otherwise violate the rights of others through use of the web or websites.  Many of these laws carry harsh penalties.  The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. will act on its own initiative to prevent the misuse of this website for illegal or otherwise inappropriate purposes and will avail itself of the assistance of appropriate law enforcement officials if necessary to protect operators and users of this website and to maintain the character of the website.

Links to Other Sites:

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch may adopt links to other websites.  Should this site determine that it shall begin to do so, efforts will be made to assure that the linked websites are of a high quality and that the massages and information provided by such linked sites are consistent with te goals of this Office.  This Law Office is interested in information on any undesired experiences users have with with this website, including with linked websites so corrective action can be taken as necessary.

How to Contact Us:

If you have questions or concerns about this website, please address those concerns to the Website Administrator using the telephone number or e-mail address noted below and we will promptly consider your issue.

Telephone: (708) 598-5999


Changes to these Policies:

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch P.C. reserves the right to amend its Terms of Use and Online Privacy Policy at any time in its sole discretion without prior notice.  If this Privacy Policy changes, the revised policy will be posted on this Site.  Please review these terms regularly so you can assure yourself that you are comfortable with it and understand the impact it has on your use of this site.