11 Smart Ways to Make Money When Moving to a New House

moving to a new houseEven if you do it yourself, moving to a new house is expensive. Thankfully, a new article on Realtor.com offers 11 smart ways to get back some of the cash you’ll shell out for a moving truck, boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. You can help save the Earth and make a few bucks back by recycling your moving boxes with a service called BoxCycle. They offer between .50 cents and $2 per box, depending on the size. Another smart tip, especially if you’re downsizing to a home with less closet space, is to resell your unused or unwanted clothing. For adult clothing, they recommend selling to a local Buffalo Exchange, if one is available nearby. For children’s clothing, Once Upon a Child is a smart option.

To learn the rest of the money making tips when moving to a new house, read the entire article.

Image Source: Meathead Movers