Criminal Situation“My foremost belief as a practitioner is to act aggressively on behalf of my client while treating the client himself with compassion.”


Circumstances can lead people to situations in which they are confronted with charges for criminal offenses, sometimes quite serious, against which they must defend themselves.

At that time the wise thing to do is work with a lawyer whose experience gives you confidence, and whose concern for you makes you secure.

Attorney Martin Doorhy has been achieving the highest level of results for his clients for over 25 years, first as a government prosecutor, and now as a defense attorney. Today 90% of Martin’s cases are in Cook and Will Counties, while almost 70% are concentrated in the Fifth Municipal District of Cook County (Bridgeview) and the Sixth Municipal District (Markham) courthouses.
He is normally in Bridgeview and Markham three days weekly, and is intimately familiar with the judges, prosecutors and police departments in these southwest and south suburban criminal courts. Mr. Doorhy’s practice is based in the felony and misdemeanor courtrooms in these courthouses. In addition, a considerable amount of his caseload is Traffic, with extensive experience in DUI’s, Driving While License Suspended/Revoked, Leaving the Scene of the Accident, and Criminal Speeding. He also handles CDL matters involving truck drivers in particular.

Martin has tried hundreds of criminal cases.

A rather unique aspect of his practice is his extensive involvement in representing clients at Secretary of State hearings since 1999.  The hearings differ considerably from trials in that detailed knowledge of the numerous documents utilized at the hearings is as important as litigation skills. These proceedings are for motorists (usually multiple DUI offenders) to attempt to obtain either Restricted Driving Permits (RDP’s) to enable them to drive to work or school, or to have their licenses fully reinstated.

Mr. Doorhy brings a stellar academic background to his practice. After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in three years from DePaul University and graduating with highest honors, he became one of the youngest people ever to teach at DePaul when he was selected, at the age of 21, as the Teaching Assistant in the History Department. He obtained his MA in History with distinction with a GPA of 4.0. As a student at Loyola University School of Law, he was chosen to be a member of the school’s National Mock Trial Team, which finished 4th in national competition in Houston, Texas. He also worked as a law clerk for over a year with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, where he was allowed to examine witnesses during felony trials while still a student. After he received his J.D. in 1984, Martin obtained a two-year fellowship to engage in research and organize a symposium concerning the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial.

Mr. Doorhy entered the United States Air Force in 1987. While in the USAF he graduated from the Judge Advocate Staff Officer Course after three months as a Distinguished Graduate. For five years, he acted as a prosecutor in the Air Force JAG Department in cases which ranged from rape and child molestation to armed robbery. Based upon his extensive experience as a prosecutor, Martin taught criminal law and procedure to members of the USAF Security Police, the Office of Special Investigations, and Unit Commanders.

In 1992, Martin returned to the Chicago area, where he became a criminal defense attorney with The Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates in Hickory Hills. In this capacity Martin represents clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors. He also practices extensively in Traffic Law, representing his clients in DUI cases, in Secretary of State hearings to obtain permits and license reinstatements, and truckers in CDL matters.

Finally, as an adjunct professor at DePaul University, Martin taught courses in Constitutional Law and The History of the US Supreme court for seven years.

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