Liens & Levies

Don’t Let Tax Liens and Levies Disrupt Your Financial Future

Liens and Levies for Debt

If you or your business owe taxes to the Internal Revenue Service or to an Illinois tax collector, you could be subject to disruptive tax liens and levies that can tie up your personal property, empty your bank accounts, and take the bulk of your paycheck or accounts receivables. These aggressive collection tactics are usually the result of little or no communication between the taxpayer and the collecting agency. Don’t let this costly mistake happen to you.

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IRS Tax Levies

If you have received an IRS levy notice, you have cause for concern. If you ignore this important notice, the law gives the IRS the right to seize (by any means) your personal property and use it to satisfy your tax debt. Some of the levies the IRS can issue against you include:

  • Wage levy—filed directly with your employer, wage levies can take a large percentage of your paycheck, leaving you with little for living expenses.
  • Bank account levy—banks are required under most circumstances to send the IRS whatever amount is available in your accounts to satisfy your tax burden. If that amounts to all of your money, then the IRS will take it without regard for the expenses you need to pay. This levy also applies to any stock or bond accounts you may have.
  • Accounts Receivables—if your business owes taxes, the IRS can levy your accounts receivables to cover your business’ unpaid taxes.
  • Personal Property Levy—any real property you own, often including your primary residence, may be seized.

IRS Tax Liens

Tax liens are another burdensome collection tactic the IRS uses to collect unpaid taxes. If you receive a CP-501 notice (a demand to pay) from the IRS and fail to pay the taxes you owe within 30 days, the IRS can put a lien on any real estate you own.

A federal tax lien is public record and will usually appear on your credit report, making it difficult for you to obtain new credit. The lien also prevents you from selling or transferring any real estate you own until you resolve your unpaid tax issues with the IRS.

Fortunately, the IRS and most other government agencies must comply with specific procedures before they can issue a tax lien or levy. There are also procedures in place that allow levies and liens to be lifted, removed, or handled in ways that limit the hardship created. Contact Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. to learn whether and how these procedures can be used to help you.

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