Attorney Thomas W. Lynch

Attorney Thomas W. LynchAttorney Thomas W. Lynch’s background as an agent for the Internal Revenue Service (seven years) and as an Assistant Illinois Attorney General, in the Civil Tax and Charitable Corporations Divisions (five years), provides his clients with a wealth of experience for dealing with Financial, Tax, and Real Estate issues. After graduating from DePaul University in 1977, and passing the Illinois Certified Public Accountants examination, Mr. Lynch gained experience in financial matters working in the Public Accounting Profession.

In 1979 Mr. Lynch began work as an Internal Revenue Agent, auditing and otherwise working in enforcing the Federal Tax Law for the Internal Revenue Service. Eventually Mr. Lynch’s work for the Internal Revenue Service lead him to work in the Internal Revenue Service Special Enforcement Division investigating unusual cases and developing and assisting in prosecuting Federal Criminal Cases in cooperation with the U.S. Attorney Generals Office.

While working with the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Lynch attended the John Marshall Law School in the evenings, graduating in June of 1986 and passing the Illinois Bar Examination that same year. After leaving the Internal Revenue Service in 1987, Mr. Lynch worked as an Attorney with the State of Illinois Attorney General’s Office from 1987 through 1992. At the Illinois Attorney General’s Office Mr. Lynch worked in the Civil Tax and Revenue Division, gaining valuable experience in State Tax Matters.

Since 1992, Mr. Lynch has worked in his present law firm, concentrating his practice in Bankruptcy, Federal and State Tax Problems, Real Estate and Business Issues. Mr. Lynch is available to use his extensive experience to assist you in dealing with your Debt, Tax or other Legal Problems.