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Recent government bailouts have helped many large corporations out of the economic downturn, but individuals and small businesses have been left in the muck of a faltering economy. Many trying to get back on their feet will face tax problems, complex real estate transactions, and the often-difficult decision to file for bankruptcy. Still others will find themselves in circumstances that lead to criminal charges being filed against them, and will need to defend themselves in a court of law.

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  • For those undergoing IRS audits, the tax attorneys of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates are prepared to help those undergoing investigation for non-filing of tax returns and can help relieve aggressive tax liens or tax levies against your property.
  • Thomas W. Lynch & Associates’ bankruptcy attorneys can help you mitigate your debt by aiding you in filing Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy for yourself or your business.
  • The defense attorneys at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates provide skilled criminal defense, and can give you the confidence and security you need during a troubling ordeal.
  • Buying or selling a home, or another piece of real estate? Thomas W. Lynch & Assosciates’ real estate attorneys can help you sort through the intricacies and potential problems that accompany real estate purchases, sales, closings, and development projects.
The firm’s founding partner, Attorney Thomas W. Lynch, has earned a place as one of Illinois’ premier tax and estate attorneys via his background as an IRS tax agent and Assistant Illinois Attorney General. He aids clients in matters of bankruptcy, federal and state tax issues, and real estate transactions.

Attorney Robert W. Maucker’s of counsel to this firm 30 years of business experience allow him to provide his clients with a singular approach to litigation. He deals with cases in Probate, and prepares Wills and Trusts for clients wishing to safeguard their assets for loved ones.

Five years as a U.S. Air Force prosecutor prepared Attorney Martin Doorhy for his current work as a defense attorney. He is a formidable champion for clients facing criminal charges.

Attorney Scott A. Schimanski’s time as an IRS revenue officer, enforcing tax regulations, endowed him with his particular capabilities in the areas of tax law, commercial and employment litigation.

Previously a credit-focused litigator, Attorney Michael Martin-Johnston is an excellent lawyer for clients and businesses in debt. He represents clients in real estate, corporate and bankruptcy litigation.

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Palos Park, Cook County, IL, 60464 & 60465

The community of Palos Park is known for the natural allure of its hills, creeks, and large, mature oaks lining the streets from the Palos Park Administrative Office to the Palos Park Public Library. Palos Park residents work to preserve the “pastoral setting [and] rural splendor” of their village. Members of the Palos Park Chamber of Commerce work to enhance the economic health of the village and retain its rustic character, while one-acre zoning in residential areas helps to maintain the village’s bucolic appeal.

Preserve the resources you’ve worked so hard to attain. Thomas W. Lynch & Associates service clients in Palos Park, Cook County, IL, 60464, providing legal assistance for those facing tax liens, levies, and IRS audits, aiding with the difficult decision to file personal or commercial bankruptcy, simplifying complex real estate transactions, and providing you with a strong advocate when faced with criminal charges.

Thomas W. Lynch & Associates also provide services to clients in nearby Worth and Palos Hills.

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