14 Smart Moves to Make After Attending an Open House

open houseFor many potential homebuyers, attending an open house is a pressure-free way to start gauging the price of homes they may want to buy. But, what happens next? According to Trulia, that depends on how you feel about the home. In a recent article, Paula Pant offers 14 helpful next steps for open house attendees to take based on whether they love the home, are on the fence, or hate it. If you love the home and want to make an offer, get an experienced real estate agent involved immediately. If you are on the fence, visit the home at a different time of day–when it’s not set up for an open house–to see how you feel. If you hate the home, you can still learn from the experience. Make a list of the things you didn’t like so you can zero in on what you want and get closer to finding it.

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Image Source: Geoff Peters