3 Smart Strategies for Selling Your Home Quickly

TWL_2015_may_blog9A quick sale is the dream of just about every home seller. But how exactly do you shave time off the number of days your home sits on the market? According to a new Zillow article, there are 3 smart strategies that can help you close the deal faster than ever.  One strategy that may seem counterintuitive is to underprice your home. By listing your price slightly below the comparable sales in your area, you may actually attract multiple bids and incite a bidding war that could get you a price at or above market value. This strategy worked like a charm for a seller on the West Coast. They listed the home for $1.1 million and after 10 offers sold it for $1.425 million. But use caution with this strategy. You must understand your market and price wisely to keep this approach from backfiring.

For more quick sales strategies, read the entire article.

Image Source: Thomas Guest