5 Tips to Help You Avoid a Real Estate Scam

TWL_2015_mar_blog 17Everyone wants to get a good deal when they are in the market to buy or lease a property. But if a deal sounds too good to be true, it could very well be a real estate scam. So how do you differentiate between a bargain and a scam? U.S. News & World Report offers five helpful tips that could save you from signing a deal you will regret down the road. One obvious, but often overlooked, tip is to vet the people you are working with. The article details a scam in Monroe County, NY where 14 homebuyers made down payments to their real estate agent who pocketed the funds instead of putting them in escrow. Based on his online presence, the crooked agent seemed legitimate, but it turned out his real estate license had actually expired. To avoid this type of scam, the article recommends only working with a realtor who was referred by friends or family you trust.

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Image Source: Anecdoteak