5 Tips to Win the Bid When Your Offer Isn’t the Highest

TWL_2015_may_blog4With housing inventory low in many markets around the country, chances are good that you could end up competing with other homebuyers for your dream home. While it may seem logical that the highest bidder will win the house, a recent Trulia article reveals that in many cases that simply is not true. The article highlights five things you can do to increase the chances that the seller will accept your offer.  One of the most enticing carrots you can dangle is cash. Even if another buyer makes a higher offer, motivated sellers may be more likely to accept your all-cash offer. If cash is not an option for you, get a pre-approval letter from your lender. Pre-approval lets your seller know closing a deal with you will not be contingent on financing and could move you to the top of the list.

To learn more bid-winning tips, read the entire article.

Image Source: 401(K) 2012