7 Smart Steps to Take When You Inherit a Home

TWL_2015_feb_blog1Figuring out the best thing to do when you inherit a home is a tricky decision that requires careful thought and consideration. According to the Center of Wealth and Philanthropy at Boston College, Americans stand to inherit more than $27 trillion in assets over the next 40 years. That means, at some point, you could be faced with making emotional and financial decisions about what to do with an inherited home. As the host of the new TV show Strange Inheritance, Jamie Colby offers seven key tips to consider when inheriting a family home or other property. One of the most important pieces of advice she offers is to research to see if there are liens against the property that might impact your inheritance. Consulting with a knowledgeable real estate attorney can help ensure everything goes smoothly with transferring the title.

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Image Source: Don Graham