7 Underrated Selling Points That Attract Homebuyers

TWL_2015_feb_blog18Getting your home to stand out in the sea of online listings is one of the biggest challenges for the modern day home seller. According to Trulia, the nation’s second largest online listing website, there are 7 overlooked selling points that first-time buyers love but sellers fail to highlight in their listings. Even though you’re ready to move on to a new property, remembering what originally drew you to your home will help you shine a light on features that you may have now outgrown. For example, storage is a huge benefit for first-time buyers moving from an apartment. Even though your family may be busting at the seams with your home’s existing storage, selling the ample closet, pantry and cabinet storage solutions in your home could be a major attraction for buyers coming from apartment life.

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Image Source: Mary-Frances Main