9 Keywords You Should Avoid When Listing Your Home

TWL_2015_mar_blog5In many cases, your home’s online listing is your first chance to make a good impression on potential homebuyers. The words you use to describe your home could determine whether buyers schedule a viewing to see your property up-close or move on to another listing. As America’s leading online real estate listing website, Zillow recently compiled a list of 9 keywords that send negative signals to buyers and tend to cause houses to sell for less than expected. At the top of the list is the word “fixer.” Homes that used this keyword in their listings sold, on average, for 11.1 percent less than anticipated. Following close behind “fixer” on the list is “TLC.” In particular, homes in higher price ranges sold for 8.7 percent less than expected when “TLC” was used in the listing.

Read the entire article to see what other keywords made the list.

Image Source: nathan esguerra