Anonymous Whistleblower Alleges Zillow Data Theft

TWL_2015_apr_blog8Real estate website and the National Association of REALTORS® are suing Zillow alleging the company is using data stolen from Move’s databases. Their claims are based in part on a letter they received from an anonymous Zillow whistleblower. That letter validates both organizations’ belief that Errol Samuelson, who is currently the chief industry development officer at Zillow, stole “multiple documents and entire databases” while he worked as chief strategy officer for Move. Samuelson resigned from Move last month and joined Zillow the same day. In its own letter to HousingWire,  Zillow denies the whistleblower’s claims saying, “This letter is unsigned and unsubstantiated with a mix of mischaracterized facts and false information.”

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Image Source: Brad Coy