Attorneys for Business Purchases, Sales, Mergers and other Acquisitions/ Divestitures

Business Purchases, Sales, Mergers and other Acquisitions/ Divestitures

Buying or selling a business, doing a business asset purchase or asset sale, or acquiring or divesting yourself or your company from a business can be a complex process that involves a large number of issues.

How do you value that business?
What about the taxes?
What about the lawsuits and other creditors?
What Government approvals are needed?
What about the building?
What about the liens?
Whose approval within the business is needed?
How do I best assure my investment in the business is safe?
How do I make sure my proceeds from the sale are safe?

These are just a small sampling of the questions which arise in the course of the process of buying or selling a business.

If you are changing the ownership of a business, begin the process by contacting Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. at (708) 598-5999. You can also use our convenient online contact form to ask any questions you have about the services we provide.

Helping Businesses Change Hands in Chicagoland

The business lawyers at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. are dedicated to providing a full range of services to corporations and small business owners in the greater Chicago area. Our extensive experience in helping people make business decisions, obtained through years of work with businesses, business professionals, the IRS, state agencies, accounting knowledge and from other sources, puts us in a unique position to assist you. With two convenient offices in the southwestern suburbs, we can provide prompt attention to your business needs, including the issues that arise when you decide to sell or merge your company, to acquire a new business, or to seek new investors.

Whether you are looking for an M&A attorney, a corporate lawyer, or a law firm that serves small businesses, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. has the skill and experience you need. The services we provide include:

  • Representation in business purchases
  • Representation in business asset purchases
  • Representation in sales of a division or subsidiary of a business
  • Representation in the sale or acquisition of a distressed business
  • Representation in mergers of existing businesses
  • Formation of new business entities, including LLCs
  • Representation in leveraged and management buyouts
  • Assistance in the dissolution of corporations
  • Preparation and review of stock purchase agreements
  • Preparation and review of shareholder agreements
  • Preparation and review of tender offers
  • Helping corporations authorize and issue new stock for new investors
  • Assuring that necessary documents are filed with government agencies
  • Providing legal advice concerning financing issues in business purchases and sales

Talk to an experienced attorney at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. about the business transaction you have in mind. To make an appointment at our office in Hickory Hills or Berwyn, call (708) 598-5999 or submit our convenient online contact form.

The Law Firm You Need When Buying or Selling a Business

Whether the economy is improving or faltering, buying or selling a business continues to be an important wealth strategy. Companies typically want to expand when markets are strong and to protect themselves by diversifying when markets are weak. In either case, representation by attorneys with a solid background in the related law is essential to the success of your business.

We understand that you want your business transactions to proceed smoothly, however, the days when a handshake was all it took to close a deal are long gone. You need an attorney to scour the paperwork, to ask the hard questions, and to assure that you are treated fairly in an arms-length transaction. Due diligence with the assistance of a capable business attorney is the key to a successful transaction.

If an investigation raises questions that should cause you to walk away from a deal, you need a lawyer who is not afraid to give you bad news. You also need a lawyer to give you an opinion on whether potential problems can be fixed and whether a deal you want to make can be saved. Given the variety of issues that can arise during purchase and sales transactions, you need business lawyers who have a comprehensive understanding of corporate law, employment law, tax law, and the other fields of law that address problems you might encounter when acquiring, selling, or merging businesses. You can find those lawyers at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C.

Learn more about buying, selling, and merging businesses by talking to the experienced professionals at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. Fill out our online contact form or call (708) 598-5999 to make an appointment for a free initial consultation.