Chicago Tech Firm Set to Launch Real Estate Website for Cannabis Growers

TWL_2015_jan_blog9Two Chicago tech entrepreneurs are set to launch the world’s first online real estate market exchange exclusively for cannabis growers. HerbFront, which will go live the first week of February, will help legal growers of medical marijuana identify potential locations that are properly zoned for growing and distributing marijuana.  Matt Chapdelaine, one of HerbFront’s founders, says now that medical marijuana is legal in 23 states the service is timely and necessary. Most dispensaries and growing facilities have strict zoning regulations that prevent them from locating near schools, parks and other types of facilities. HerbFront will help growers identify zones and building owners that are most appropriate for their business. “You can find brokers and consultants for everything except for this,” says Chapdelaine.

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Image Source: PabloEvans