Home Selling Tips: The Psychology of Selling Your Home

home selling tipsDid you know that 80 percent of home buyers know within seconds whether or not they want to buy your home? It’s one of the home selling tips your real estate agent knows all too well, and it’s why they encourage you to put your home’s “best foot forward” immediately at the curb. What you may not know is the science behind this industry secret. According to a recent Realtor.com article on the science of home selling, our minds actually process information more quickly than we perceive. From the moment potential home buyers step onto your property, their brains take in the sights and smells of everything from the neighborhood to the landscaping to the housing structure. Within seconds, their brain delivers back a simple “yes,” “no,” or “possibly” based on a quick assessment of everything presented. By understanding this and other home selling tips on how the home buyer’s mind works, you can improve your chances of getting the offer you want in record time.

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Image Source: Guy Kilroy