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Debt ReliefThe worldwide fiscal calamity that shook the economies of so many nations has left many people in the U.S. feeling the harsh effects and left thousands of individuals and business owners facing personal bankruptcy.

Dealing with this situation can be a fraught and worrying experience for Bridgeview residents and it is not always easy to know who or where to turn for help and guidance – which is why Thomas W. Lynch & Associates offer free one-on-one consultation on the way to finding the right solution for you.

The bankruptcy lawyers of Thomas W. Lynch can be contacted on (708) 598-5999 NOW for free confidential in-person advice. Fully insured we have over 20 years of experience in all areas of Illinois bankruptcy laws making our practice one of the leading law offices in the Southwest Suburban Chicagoland area.

The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch includes:

Thomas W. Lynch, Attorney, began the firm in 1992 as founding partner. A former agent for the IRS (7 years), Mr. Lynch was also an Assistant Illinois Attorney General (5 years), all of which means he is highly experienced in working with Financial, Tax and Real Estate issues and is renowned as one of Illinois’ premier lawyers. Graduating from the Illinois Examination bar in 1986, Mr. Lynch’s experience in legal affairs has no equal.

Attorney Robert W. Maucker of counsel to this firm is a former businessman in the Construction Industry. He brings 30 years of experience in Probate cases, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. Fully qualified since 1998, Mr. Maucker has been performing “hands on” litigation work, representing clients in court who require someone who can be trusted to get the necessary result.

Martin Doorhy, Attorney, has been involved in law since 1987. He is a former U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General who has a solid and proven legal edge when acting as advocate for clients facing criminal allegations. He has prosecuted at over forty courts-martial and discharge board cases involving offences that ranged from rape and child molestation to armed robbery in his capacity as Chief of Military Justice.

Scott A. Schimanski, Attorney, was working as an IRS Revenue Officer from 1991-1994 before switching to law and graduating from the Illinois Examination bar in 1997. Tax law, commercial litigation, and employment cases are naturally his areas of expertise. As a Revenue Officer, Mr. Schimanski Mr. Schimanski’s tax enforcement work extended through participating in examinations and criminal investigations. Being on the “other side” has given him invaluable knowledge and experience.

Formerly of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Attorney Michael Martin-Johnston is ahead of the game in federal and bankruptcy litigation on behalf of individuals, family-owned businesses, and multi-national companies. Michael’s hands-on litigation and creditor-focused experience inside and outside the courtroom has provided him with an invaluable insight into the creditor negotiation tactics, asset investigation, trial strategy, and post-judgment enforcement.

Our rates are considered reasonable and we offer convenient evening and weekend hours for consultations and appointments. And we always work with our clients to arrange methods of payment to suit them and their circumstances.


Sometimes the only option available for people with serious debt to help them rebuild their lives is for them to file bankruptcy forms to the courts.

Our law offices have legal experts and support staff well-versed in all types of personal bankruptcy and business bankruptcy situations including Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 bankruptcy regulations for individuals and Chapter 7 & 11 bankruptcy regulations for businesses. With the bankruptcy attorneys of Thomas W. Lynch people with debt get the wealth of knowledge and experience they need to see them through these difficult times.

Chapter 7 Individual Bankruptcy

This avenue is attractive to those with serious debt because filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives individuals the potential to keep what they own (house, automobile, furniture among other things). They might also be able to get out of most types of unsecured debt, which includes credit cards, medical bills, judgments, garnishments, and some types of taxes.

Chapter 13 Individual Bankruptcy

This form of bankruptcy can also be beneficial for individuals because they may be able to keep their house and possessions, though Chapter 13 bankruptcy ordinarily relates to people who have fallen behind in their mortgage payments.

Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

There are ways for those in business facing debtor problems to overcome them which is why we have top-level bankruptcy attorneys on our books. Our highly qualified staff is adept and proficient in all legal matters pertaining to debt relief agency work and can offer the best advice going to help file bankruptcy papers.

A Company Chapter Seven (Chapter 7 bankruptcy) provides people facing business bankruptcy with the chance to avoid creditor harassment. A Thomas W. Lynch foreclosure attorney can help struggling business people reduce the potential of future lawsuit and ordinarily results in other possibilities being opened up to them.

Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the route many business-entrepreneurs like to consider if they want to stay in business because the court can authorize the re-organization in the company’s contractual debt obligations. A legal court can grant complete or partial rest from most of the company’s obligations and its’ contracts, to make sure that the business can pursue a brand new start.

Thomas W. Lynch & Associates is a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the American Bankruptcy Institute. We are proud of our record in helping over 3,000 people out of the debt trap. Our comprehensive legal services come fully-insured.

Call Thomas W. Lynch NOW on (708) 598-5999 for free confidential in-person advice or contact us via our website.

The law firm offices of Thomas W. Lynch also offer advice and representation in:

  • Tax Debt Law & Tax Relief Claims
  • Real Estate Law
  • Criminal Investigation/Prosecutions
  • DUI Proceedings

Tax Debt Law & Tax Relief Claims

When it comes to tax debt, the tax attorneys at Thomas W. Lynch have many years experience aiding individuals with all types of problems and situations. Our legal team and support staff are fully-qualified to bring you the best advice and guidance in IRS tax lien and IRS tax levy and IRS audit, as well as non-filing tax returns.

Criminal & DUI Attorney Representation

Sometimes it doesn’t take much for someone to suddenly be facing charges (rightly or wrongly) for criminal offenses, sometimes quite serious, against which they must defend themselves. Thomas W. Lynch offers the best criminal defense lawyers in Chicago to take such actions for you. We also have experts DUI attorneys for illegal motoring cases.

Real Estate Issues

Whether you’re a business person with commercial premises or an individual with property, our offices can provide all the up-to-date advice and guidance on all real estate regulations and have a real estate attorney fully qualified in all aspects of property law. Our property tax lawyers are second to none.

To arrange a free confidential in-person consultation call (708) 598-5999.

About Bridgeview

Known for being a “well-balanced” community, Bridgeview is home to the Chicago Fire Major League Soccer team and the women’s Chicago Red Stars soccer team, and has a thriving community in Harlem Avenue with a lively mix of Middle Eastern businesses which have grown in prominence in recent times thus providing the area with a rich diversity of people and cultural experiences.

Bridgeview slowly came into being around 1830 at a time when the area was still mainly populated by Native Americans. By 1870 German and Italian settlers began to colonize the region for farming. It was between 1850 and 1870 that Chicago as a whole exploded into life as the population grew from 30,000 to 300,000 in the wake of land and railroad development and expansion.

By the 1920s, farming had declined and was overtaken by real estate and industry. Bordering a number of townships in Cook County, Bridgeview was incorporated in 1947 with just 500 residents. It is now home to 16,500 within a 10km radius.

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