Bankruptcy Attorney in Crestwood IL

Bankruptcy Attorney in Crestwood IL

Thomas W. Lynch & Associates – Bankruptcy Attorneys

With all the speculations about the economy going bust, many businesses and corporations have faced a bankruptcy situation. Handling creditors is a difficult scenario, especially if they are aggressive. Bankruptcy helps you resolve many credit issues, and this is why sometimes it is the only way to get out of a sticky situation.

If you want to file bankruptcy, you would need good bankruptcy attorneys. Having assistance from professionals is extremely important because delicate issues are better left in the hands of experts.

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Sometimes the only option available for people with serious debt to help them rebuild their lives is for them to file bankruptcy forms to the courts. Our law offices have legal experts and support staff well-versed in all types of personal bankruptcy and business bankruptcy situation.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you are filing for bankruptcy to get out of your debt situation and financial crisis, then chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right way to go. In this bankruptcy, the non exempt assets are sold, and the money thus earned is given to creditors.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 bankruptcy offers protection to debtors, and is generally used by businessmen, because the process is complex and expensive. This bankruptcy is most suitable when a business requires restructuring of debts and reorganization of finances.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is followed when you have to repay a part of your debts with no or little interest. Instead of asset liquidation, it uses debt restructuring.

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Apart from bankruptcy, there are other financial matters that might raise problems for you. Here are some situations:

  • Tax Problems
  • Criminal Charges
  • Real Estate Issues

Tax Problems

For problems like non filing tax returns, or IRS audit, you need qualified tax lawyers. Thomas W. Lynch lawyers are competent and professional. Plus they have high academic backgrounds.

Criminal Charges

Life is full of unforeseen events, and we never know what will happen next. If you even fall under any unexpected circumstances, you need proper defense and guidance. Criminal lawyers and DUI lawyers at Thomas W. Lynch will address your case in the state court.

Real Estate Issues

Being the owner of real estate is a good thing, but it comes with responsibilities. There are many taxes that you have to pay and a number of regulations that you have to follow. For any problems related to real estate, you can contact our real estate lawyers and property tax lawyers.

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About Crestwood

Crestwood shares its history with its neighboring communities of Worth, Alsip, Robbins, and Palos Heights. All these areas were once a part of marshlands enveloping the Saganashkee Swamp. The entire area consisted of scattered farms in mid 19th century. Residential development grew in early 20th century.

Crestwood was created after Midlothian in the year 1928. The area soon developed and in 1930’s, many people in the area had cars, and there were train and trolley lines. The area also saw the rise of many local organizations and culture clubs.

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