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Bankruptcy is the condition in which businessmen and consumers repay or eliminate their debt or a part of it. It is under Federal bankruptcy court protection. You need a qualified bankruptcy lawyer for it. Bankruptcies are basically of two types, reorganization and liquidation.

Petition to File Bankruptcy in ChicagoOf course the stigma of bankruptcy is bad, but the biggest trouble reflects on the credit score. Bankruptcy stays on your credit report for complete 10 years to come. The impact of bankruptcy will always show on your credit report whenever you need a new loan, or anything that requires a good credit rating.

But when the IRS and creditors are looming over, demanding their money, bankruptcy might be the only viable solution. When debts pile up and there is no way to repay them, you need to file bankruptcy as the last measure.  Whether it is personal bankruptcy or business bankruptcy, handling it is very difficult, and this is why you need a debt relief agency. A good lawyer can make things much easier for you.

Bankruptcy attorneys at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates have decades of experience in all types of Illinois bankruptcy laws. Our law firm makes sure that your bankruptcy case is filed and solved properly.

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As debt collectors distress you with financial problems and you have nowhere to go, you can ask our bankruptcy attorney to help you file bankruptcy forms.

Residents of Oak Forest are completely protected – thanks to the professional services from Thomas W. Lynch & Associates. We have legal experts and supporting staff to handle all types of bankruptcy issues, like Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Individual Bankruptcy

If you are under debt, you should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, because it helps you keep your valuable assets. It is a liquidation process, making the debtor give all non-exempt assets to bankruptcy trustees.

Chapter 13 Individual Bankruptcy

This is similar to Chapter 7 bankruptcy but it especially applies on people who have mortgage debt. This bankruptcy is suitable for people who have certain non-exempt assets that they don’t want to turn in.

Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 business bankruptcy helps companies prevent creditor harassment. It allows businesses to start afresh after struggling with bankruptcy.

Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy

This type of bankruptcy includes reforming the assets and business issues of the debtor. It is commonly filed by businesses that need time for debt restructuring.

With Thomas W. Lynch and Associates by your side, you don’t have to be worried about threatening creditors and overdue debts that you can’t pay.

You can also contact us regarding tax debt law & tax relief claims, criminal & DUI attorney representation, and real estate issues.

Tax Problems

For problems like non filing tax returns, or IRS audit, you need qualified tax lawyers. Thomas W. Lynch lawyers are competent and professional. Plus they have high academic backgrounds.

Criminal Charges

Life is full of unforeseen events, and we never know what will happen next. If you even fall under any unexpected circumstances, you need proper defense and guidance. Criminal lawyers and DUI lawyers at Thomas W. Lynch will address your case in the state court.

Real Estate Issues

Being the owner of real estate is a good thing, but it comes with responsibilities. There are many taxes that you have to pay and a number of regulations that you have to follow. For any problems related to real estate, you can contact our real estate lawyers and property tax lawyers.

About Oak Forest

Oak Forest got its name from the oak forests present in the community. What is now known as Oak Forest was known as Cooper’s Grove in the 19th century. The reason for this name was that the first resident of this place was Mr. Cooper who settled here in 1830’s. Many settlers came to this place in 1840’s. Oak Forest was initially designed as a village, and then it was made to be a city.

Oak forest is a part of Chicago metropolitan area. Surrounded mostly by the Cook County Forest Preserve, this place has a pleasant weather, and a flourishing community.

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Federal and bankruptcy litigation on behalf of individuals, family-owned businesses, and multi-national companies are Attorney Michael Martin-Johnston’s main areas of expertise gained from his time at the Illinois Attorney General’s Office.