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Fiscal Cliff Effects

Oak Lawn is a Chicago suburb located in Cook County. This lovely community is home to more than 55,000 people and includes an extensive park system. Residents can enjoy time spent at Centennial Park or many of the village’s other parks and recreational facilities. The downtown area has been revitalized since 2002 with the inclusion of many new high-end condominiums and businesses. While this facelift may make it seem that this area is financially flush, what many don’t realize is that several residents in the 60563 ZIP code are struggling with unmanageable debt problems.

The recent recession hurt many individuals and business owners, not just in Oak Lawn, but nationwide. In such times it can be difficult to decide where to turn for help. Fortunately, the nearby Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates can provide the assistance you are looking for. We supply debt relief agency services as well as tax and criminal law expertise at rates that are far more attractive than those charged by larger law firms.

Call (708) 598-5999 NOW for free confidential in-person consultation. The tax lawyers of Thomas W. Lynch are fully insured and have years of experience in all areas of tax, bankruptcy, criminal and estate law making our practice one of the leading law offices in the Chicagoland area.

Thomas W. Lynch & Associates Is the Best Choice for Oak Lawn Residents

From a relatively simple case of helping you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy claim for individuals to the more complex procedures surrounding a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for business-owners, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates provide free confidential in-person advice and guidance with fully-qualified lawyers and attorneys and other experts in the area of Illinois bankruptcy laws. We have already helped more than 3,000 residents in the Chicago area obtain the debt relief they needed.

We understand that our clientele lead busy lives and that normal business hours are not always convenient. That is why we also offer evening and weekend hours. We do not want obtaining legal assistance to throw you deeper into debt so we provide our services at extremely competitive rates and offer easy and flexible payment plans. We offer personal and compassionate service unlike anything you will find at a large law firm and we work hard to provide you with freedom from overwhelming debt.

If you need an experienced bankruptcy law firm in Oak Lawn, then call The Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates now at (708) 598-5999. Or, simply complete our convenient online form and an associate from our firm will contact you to set up an obligation-free consultation.

Filing for Bankruptcy Can Be a Difficult Decision

When faced with impending or constant creditor harassment, lawsuits, foreclosures, tax enforcement, or other issues, bankruptcy can be an important tool to allow you to protect yourself, your family, your property and/or your business. It is obviously not very pleasant for anyone to have to consider bankruptcy to ease their debt problems. But, when financial matters are hopelessly out of control, it is often the only viable option.

Our Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Handle All Types of Bankruptcy

Here at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, we have a staff of bankruptcy attorneys with years of experience with assisting individuals and business owners manage their debt problems. Our team is well-versed in all types of personal bankruptcy and business bankruptcy situations including Chapter 7 & Chapter 13 bankruptcy regulations for individuals and Chapter 7 & 11 bankruptcy regulations for businesses.

  • Chapter 7 Individual Bankruptcy: The good thing about Chapter 7 bankruptcy for individuals is that although you will likely lose a lot of your personal property, most people who qualify may get to keep property that is necessary such as their home and automobile. If you qualify for this type of bankruptcy, you will be able to completely eliminate most of your unsecured debt, which includes credit cards, medical bills, judgments, and garnishments. Debts such as student loans and child support payment must still be paid.
  • Chapter 13 Individual Bankruptcy: Chapter 13 bankruptcy is ideal for those who have a lot of property and assets and wish to keep them. With this type of bankruptcy, your attorney will conduct negotiations with your creditors to lower your debts. You will then be required to make manageable monthly payments to a guarantor who will distribute the funds among those you owe until your debts are paid off.
  • Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 bankruptcy is recommended for business-owners whose companies have insufficient income generation to service their debts or meet the needs of the entrepreneurs. A business Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows a business owner to move on with his or her life by stopping creditor harassment, reducing the likelihood of future litigation and generally freeing up a business owner to pursue other opportunities. If you qualify, all your business assets will be liquidated and used to pay off as much debt as possible, and the remaining debt will be eliminated.
  • Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy: Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the route for business-owners to take if they want to stay in business while the court supervises the re-organization of the company’s contractual debt obligations. The court can grant complete or partial relief from most of the company’s debts and its contracts, so that the company can make a fresh start.

Our comprehensive debt relief services include fully-insured provision of all personal bankruptcy and business bankruptcy proceedings with our lawyers. We are here to serve the residents of Oak Lawn and surrounding communities with personalized service and reasonable rates.

Other Services Offered by Our Law Firm

Our practice is not limited to bankruptcy services. Attorney at Thomas W. Lynch and associates can also assist you with:

  • Tax Debt Law & Tax Relief Claims: Our tax attorneys are well-versed in IRS tax lien and IRS tax levy and IRS audit legal service. For the most extreme cases, we also have attorneys for people facing Illinois tax prosecution brought against them by the IRS.
  • Real Estate Issues: Whether you need a real estate attorney or a condo lawyer, our law offices house some of the best attorneys in the area. Our property tax attorneys offer up-to-date advice on all matters concerning real estate laws and regulations, as well as provide closing lawyer services for all those completing property deals.
  • Criminal Representation: If you are facing criminal proceedings in Oak Lawn, it is imperative you secure the services of a good criminal defense attorney. At Thomas W. Lynch we offer the highest-caliber criminal lawyers going who are also experts at servicing expungement of criminal records.
  • DUI Proceedings: Driving under the influence in Oak Lawn is taken as seriously as it is anywhere else in the U.S. which is why we have the best DUI lawyers in the county ready to act on the behalf of any alleged DUI offender.

Whatever your personal debt problems in Oak Lawn, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates provides the best bankruptcy attorneys and services. If you need assistance with debt relief, tax debt issues, or bankruptcy problems, then call us now at (708) 598-5999 for free, confidential consultation.