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Criminal Tax Defense Attorney in Evergreen Park IL

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Tax crimes come in a variety of forms, and there are many types of situations in which they can arise. Often we are guilty of acting criminally, but other times it is a matter of honest negligence or as a result of a simple mistake. Usually there is a reason for committing an act of tax fraud, but it is vital that you step forward and explain your actions to the IRS if you want to escape further monetary punishment.

The price can be high if you default on your taxes in Evergreen Park and can be very serious if you are found to be guilty of deliberate tax evasion.

Whether you have avoided an IRS audit or maybe found yourself a victim of circumstance that sees you facing an allegation of filing a false or fraudulent return, one thing is very clear – consulting a tax attorney can only aid your defense against a criminal charge.

The tax lawyers of Thomas W. Lynch have years of experience in all aspects of criminal law making our practice one of the leading law offices in the southwest suburban Chicago area.

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The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch includes:

Fully qualified via the Illinois Bar Examination, Attorney Thomas W. Lynch is the firm’s founding partner. Mr. Lynch is a one-time IRS tax agent and Assistant Illinois Attorney General. Since 1992, Mr. Lynch has worked in his present law firm, concentrating his practice in Bankruptcy, Federal and State Tax Law, Real Estate, and Business matters.

Being on the “other side” as a former IRS Revenue Officer (1991-1994) has given Scott A. Schimanski a great background during his 14 years as an attorney. Since graduating from the Illinois Bar Examination in 1997, Mr. Schimanski has made tax law, commercial litigation, and employment cases his areas of expertise.


The Criminal Tax Issues We Cover

Here at the Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch, we understand the ways and means of the government agencies that may be investigating you, especially when it comes to Federal and Illinois tax prosecution.

Being confronted with Civil Tax Defense Issues can be worrying and distressing if you don’t really know what you are up against.  If you have failed to file a tax return this year or in past years, it may be of comfort to know that you’re not the only one to have done that. It’s how you handle the IRS during their investigation that is key to minimizing punishment or avoiding a penalty altogether.

Criminal Tax Defense

Our firm not only includes experienced tax attorneys, it also includes, Litigation Attorneys, Criminal Tax Defense Attorneys, and a Support Staff which includes Accountants and others who are highly trained and have vast experience in dealing with many tax issues including money laundering.

Business Tax

One of the charges that might be levied against you if you are in business is that you have been guilty of or alleged to have been guilty of a failure to pay State sales tax. It is also possible criminal investigators are accusing you of a failure to pay employee payroll withholding tax.

Tax investigators might also uncover evidence of filing fraudulent claims as a tax preparer or violations of other laws which you may not even be aware that you or your business are violating. In all cases, the lawyers at Thomas W. Lynch can be of assistance.

Income Tax & Employment Tax

Dealing with income tax issues, employment tax problems, or any cases of IRS investigation can be complicated and mind-boggling which is why Thomas W. Lynch Attorneys can provide the services you need to most effectively address your tax problem with confidentiality always our primary consideration.

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Evergreen Park, Cook County, IL 60805

Mainly a residential suburb to the southwest of Cook County, the village of Evergreen Park lies adjacent to the attractive Beverly Hills section of Chicago and 17 miles southwest of The Loop. Evergreen Park encompasses an area of around four square miles and is known as the “Village of Churches” with no less than 13 religious establishments serving the community.

Evergreen Park is a strong community with many opportunities for men, women, young adults, teenagers, and children with a lively and growing business fraternity working to “Keep the Green in Evergreen.” Taking inspiration from the street design and new layout of 19th century Paris, the town of Evergreen Park achieved incorporation very early on in 1830 when 51 of the 500 residents boldly turned out to vote for independence.

So Remember…

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