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Were You Harmed by Medical Malpractice in Oak Forest, IL?

The residents of Oak Forest, Illinois are fortunate to have a large number of health care providers serving their community. The 60452 ZIP Code includes a regional health care center newly converted from an historic hospital that was scheduled to close, as well as an abundant supply of clinics and urgent care facilities, a new renal dialysis center, and a number of home health care providers and nursing homes.

Thomas W. Lynch & Associates P.C. knows that every year thousands people are injured as the result of poor medical treatment.  Although everyone makes a mistake now and then, when doctors and hospitals make mistakes due to carelessness this is considered MEDICAL MALPRACTICE—medical error which can subject a victim to severe pain, serious health complications and even death.

Fortunately, although the Law cannot undo what has been done, it does provide you with the means to receive compensation for the injuries suffered by you or by your Loved One.

Now, the Attorneys at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates P.C. know that money cannot possibly make up for your loss, but they also know that HARD CASH can be very helpful in a time of crisis.  And most cases require no out-of-pocket payment for services!

If you believe you have received a medical injury, contact our Law Firm today at (708) 598-5999 or complete our Online Request Form.  A Professional in our office will be happy to schedule your Free Initial Consultation at the time and location that is most convenient to you. 

Some Medical Malpractice Facts You Should Know

  • Average compensation for outpatient medical malpractice injuries: $290,000
  • Average compensation for inpatient medical malpractice injuries: $363,000
  • Approximately 93% of all malpractice cases settle out-of-court
  • Plaintiffs prevail in approximately 21% of all medical malpractice cases that go to trail
  • 61% of cases that are settled out-of-court favor the plaintiff
  • Most outpatient malpractice suits, 46%, are due to errors in diagnosis
  • Most inpatient malpractice suits, 34%, are due to errors occuring during surgery

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Don’t Put if Off – Call Today

Medical Malpractice claims should be filed as quickly as possible because Illinois law limits the time you have to act.  Also on the practical side, Medical Records may be lost or altered over time, and the ability and willingness of Witnesses to remember important details about your Case decreases as memories fade.  Finally, medical injuries tend to be very expensive; money is needed for medical treatment, hospitalization, medication and rehabilitation —and often to replace lost income.

The attorneys at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates P.C. understand your need to devote maximum time and attention to the Healing Process, whether for yourself or for a Loved One.  From the time we sit down with you to review the facts of your claim, analyzing the Medical Records in order to move the matter forward, our Law Firm will handle all of the Legal Work for you so that your time can be spent concentrating on the process of Recovery.

So Do Not Delay! Contact our Offices now at (708) 598-5999–or submit our online request form–to schedule your Free Initial Consultation with one of our friendly Attorneys.  If your case meets the necessary standards we can begin the Filing Process IMMEDIATELY!

We Simplify the Legal Work for You

Attorneys at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates have substantial experience working in the areas of personal injury and medical malpractice. Our attorneys conduct a free in person evaluation at your case and choose an appropriate course. In addition to the experienced provided by our attorneys, in appropriate cases we have offered the additional services of joining with other law firms at no additional cost to you to assure your case is give 100% of the attention it deserves.

As your case progresses, we will also keep you abreast of all the important events regarding your Case, saving you frequent trips into the City.  This way you will have more time to devote to your Loved Ones and less worries about the Law–and remember, you can contact our Firm at any time for an update on your Case.

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It is very important to take the FIRST STEP and contact our Offices if you of someone you love has sustained a medical injury.  If you don’t make the call, we can’t advise you how to proceed and you may never know if you have a viable Case. DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE!  GET THE HELP YOU NEED!  There is a great deal of comfort in having a compassionate, Local Law Firm representing you throughout such a difficult time, taking care of the Legal details while you take care of getting better.

We offer Evening and Weekend hours in our Suburban Chicago Offices to make it as convenient as possible for you to schedule an appointment.  Simply complete our Online Request Form or call (708) 598-5999 today.  We at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates look forward to hearing from you!