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Even in calm and scenic Evergreen Park, today’s real estate market is more complicated than ever—homes are foreclosed, others are offered on a short sale and many local residents don’t know whether to jump in or jump out of the proceedings. In addition, as state and federal governments try to help homeowners, the stipulations for aid make the legal jungle of real estate more dense than ever.

Most working people in the “Village of Churches”, as Evergreen Park is known, need help in making their decision to buy or sell these days, and then further help as they pursue that decision and have to deal with brokers, lenders, title companies and local governments. The entire process can grow extremely complicated, and the potential for missteps has grown higher and more expensive than ever.

In a time when it is nearly impossible to discern whether to become a buyer or seller in real estate, you need the assistance of a trained real estate attorney more than ever. At the Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch, we have multiple attorneys that can help Evergreen Park residents to navigate today’s volatile real estate market, whether you need to get out fast or want to jump in quickly.

We also have experienced condo attorneys, as well as property tax attorneys if you are having difficulty in that realm of litigation. For those who are ready to purchase the home of their dreams, we have closing attorneys who get the deal done with favorable terms for you.

We understand the stress that can come with choices that have to be made surrounding the largest financial transaction of your life, in all likelihood, and we have abundant experience in helping people just like you.

Call us at (708)598-5999 for a free, in-person consultation. Our office is located just off Interstate 294 at the 95th Street exit.

We know that Evergreen Park residents are extremely busy, so we have convenient evening and weekend hours to serve you. We also understand that today’s economy has left some model Evergreen Park citizens in financial hardship, so we carefully tailor payment plans so that you can preserve your monthly budget and get the service that you need.

If you wade into the real estate market with the Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch, you can know that you are fully insured (because of our malpractice insurance) and that we are fully trustworthy (have never had a complaint against us filed with the Better Business Bureau).

For more than 20 years, we have served the residents of the Chicago area. Here are the current members of our all-star team:

Thomas W. Lynch, Attorney Attorney Thomas W. Lynch: Mr. Lynch has served as an agent for the Internal Revenue Service, as well as an Assistant Illinois Attorney General in the Civil Tax and Charitable Corporations Divisions. He is a 1977 graduate of DePaul University and brings a tremendous breadth of experience to his practice. He has been in law for 25 years, beginning his own firm two decades ago, with a focus on real estate, bankruptcy and tax issues.

Robert W. Maucker, Attorney Attorney Robert W. Maucker: Mr. Maucker, of counsel to this firm, is a graduate of the DePaul University College of Law. He has been in the legal field for 14 years and is engaged in the firm’s litigation practice and represents clients in state and federal courts. He also assists in probate court and helps clients with preparation of wills and trusts.

Martin Doorhy, Attorney Attorney Martin Doorhy: Mr. Doorhy has served as both a government prosecutor and a professor of Constitutional Law at DePaul University. He received his undergraduate degree from DePaul and his law degree from Loyola of Chicago. After his period of service to the United States Air Force, he returned to the Chicago area and has been with the Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch for two decades.

Scott A. Schimanski, Attorney Attorney Scott A. Schimanski: Mr. Schimanski also used to work for the IRS before becoming an attorney. He received his law degree from the Chicago-Kent College of Law. He now uses his federal background to help clients with tax issues, as well as commercial and employment litigation. He has been with The Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch since 2006.

Mr. Martin-Johnston, Attorney Michael Martin-Johnston: Mr. Martin-Johnston grew up in a Chicago suburb and received his undergraduate degree from Loyola of Chicago. He later gained his law degree from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He focuses on real estate, commercial, corporate and bankruptcy litigation and has helped clients with foreclosures and renegotiations.


Evergreen Park, Cook County, IL

Evergreen Park has proven to be fertile ground for a wide variety of outstanding citizens, from those who own pro sportsteams (Wayne Huzienga, owner of the Miami Dolphins) to those who play for them (Tom Gorzelanny of the Washington Nationals, among others). Whatever your needs in Evergreen Park, the Law Offices of Thomas W. Lynch can meet them and enable you to either settle in the area on good terms or sell for maximum profit. Any other legal issues that you might face in Evergreen Park can be easily handled by our expert team.

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