Real Estate Attorney in Oak Lawn, IL

The Benefits of Retaining a Real Estate Lawyer in Oak Lawn, IL

The sale and purchase of real estate today involves a great deal of paperwork and legal detail. Therefore, it’s to your benefit to retain the services of a condo attorney or real estate lawyer to ensure that the process is facilitated without too much difficulty.
Oak Lawn, IL Real Estate AttorneyFortunately, in the Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453 zip code area, you can seek the real estate assistance you need by contacting Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. By consulting with one of the real estate attorneys or condo lawyers at the firm, you can feel confident that anyproperty or tax questions you may have will be answered or addressed. While many purchasers of real estate can do their own paperwork, it’s still wiser to invest in the services of a real estate lawyer to ensure that possible legal issues are spotted and therefore avoided.

Why it’s Imperative to Align yourself with a Good Real Estate Attorney

When you contact the offices of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates for either real estate advice or assistance with a closing, every document that you sign will be fully explained to you before you endorse it. So, retain the services of an attorney as even templated disclosures might contain some language that may lead to financial hardship if they are not reviewed by a legal expert. After all, you don’t want to sign a document and find out later that there is a lien attached to the property you recently purchased. Or, maybe you are faced with bankruptcy or foreclosure. Then, contact Thomas W. Lynch & Associates to help ease you through each step in the process.

Don’t Delay: Contact the Law Firm of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates for a Consultation

If you live in the Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453 zip code area and need a reliable property tax attorney or real estate lawyer then, give the firm of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates a call at 708-598-5999. Whether you are a real estate investor or need advice and help with foreclosure or bankruptcy proceedings,you can conveniently schedule an appointment for a free in-person consultation. You can even arrange an appointment on evenings or weekends if you are too busy to meet with an attorney during a weekday. The firm is located at 9231 South Roberts Road in the city of Hickory Hills just southwest of Chicago. Take I-294 to the 95th Street exit and drive approximately a mile and a half west to get to the address.

No Complaints from the BBB

The law firm of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates has been in business for over twenty years and during that time has never received one complaint from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). In addition, the firm has managed thousands of bankruptcy cases and has two attorneys who have worked for the IRS. So, needless to say, with the firm’s affordable rates and reliable reputation, you really can’t afford not touse their services. Therefore, make a note to call 708-598-5999 if you reside in the Oak Lawn, IL 60453 zip code area and have a real estate tax issue or need assistance with the paperwork for a real estate purchase or sale.

Areas of Practice

The law firm of Thomas W. Lynch has always been located in the city of Hickory Hills outside of Chicago. The practice is involved in the areas of real estate law, probate, wills and trusts, estate planning, criminal defense, and budgetary and debt management.

About the Attorneys

Thomas W. Lynch, Attorney Using his expertise in the areas of estate planning, taxes and financial management, Thomas W. Lynch, one of the founding partners, is well-acquainted with managing legal matters involving real estate, debts or taxes. In addition, his time spent working as Illinois’ Assistant Attorney General has given him a keen understanding as to the need for consumers to protect themselves financially and legally.

Robert W. Maucker, Attorney Robert W. Maucker, of counsel to the firm, is a top litigator in the legal field. He has direct experience in handling legal matters connected with estate planning, probate, trusts, and wills.

Martin Doorhy, Attorney Martin Doorhy is the firm’s criminal defense attorney. Mr. Doorhy has served as both a government prosecutor and a professor of Constitutional Law at DePaul University.

Scott A. Schimanski, Attorney Attorney Scott A. Schimanski lends his background as a past employee of the IRS to help the firm’s clients with property tax matters. His education and experience also enable him to assist in the areas of business and employment too.

Mr. Martin-Johnston, Attorney Clients who have bankruptcy issues can obtain the aid they need from attorney Michael Martin-Johnston. Mr. Johnston practices bankruptcy law and provides legal assistance to family-owned businesses, companies that are considered multi-national, and individuals. He once served in the State of Illinois Attorney General’s office.


Make the Decision – Contact an Attorney

Obtaining advice and assistance for any kind of real estate transaction is essential, especially in today’s real estate market. Real estate no longer just involves the buying and selling of property. Upside down mortgages, short sales, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and back taxes are issues and matters of concern as well. So, for any kind of real estate transaction, phone the law firm of Thomas W. Lynch & Associates. Give them a call today at 708-598-5999 for a free in-person consultation.

Oak Lawn, IL 60453

Conveniently situated just southwest of the Chicago Loop, the Oak Lawn, IL 60453 zip code area is a major and well-known Chicago village and suburb. Incorporated in 1909, the area experienced a significant increase in its population after the Second World War. Today, the suburb is home to approximately 55,000 residents.

An Accessible Location

So, if you live in the Oak Lawn, Illinois 60453 zip code area and need the services of an experienced real estate attorney, contact the law firm of Thomas W. Lynch by calling them today at 708-598-5999. From the Oak Lawn, IL 60453 zip code area, you’ll find the address in Hickory Hills at 9231 South Roberts Road to be quite accessible. Again, you can reach the office off of I-294 at the 95th Street exit. The building is located a little over a mile west from the exit sign.

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Make no doubt about it – you can rely on the law firm of Thomas W. Lynch to provide you with real estate and tax assistance. You only need to pick up the phone and give them a call at 708-598-5999 to set up an appointment with a real estate attorney or property tax lawyer today.