Tax Attorney in Burbank IL

Tax Attorneys Helping Residents of Burbank, IL

Big plans for developing the township that eventually became Burbank, IL were thwarted by the economic depressions of 1893 and 1929.Burbank was finally developed in the 1950s and in 1970 it was incorporated as a city (ZIP Code 60359).

Troubled times have again visited Burbank. Some small business owners have not yet benefitted from the economic recovery and are wondering how to pay their accumulated tax debt. Competing demands placed upon limited income have left many individuals short of the funds needed to pay their bills, including lien and levy notices they have received from the IRS.

If you have business or personal tax debts, you need the assistance of capable tax attorneys who can help you resolve your tax issues. Call Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. at (708) 598-5999 or use our online contact form to request an appointment.

Experienced Tax Lawyers Are Available to Assist You

Thomas W. Lynch and Scott A. Schimanski are tax attorneys who have had years of experience dealing with the IRS. Thomas W. Lynch founded our firm in 1992 after serving as an assistant Illinois Attorney General and IRS tax agent. Scott A. Schimanski served 20 years as an IRS Revenue Officer. The combined experience of these respected tax professionals gives them a thorough understanding of how to negotiate effectively with federal, state, and local tax authorities.

In addition to our tax attorneys, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. draws upon a full team of professionals to assist you. If your tax issues require review by an accountant or you need a paralegal’s help completing forms, our firm will assure that the right professional helps you with your task. We provide confidential in-person advice for your IRS tax problems at our convenient offices in Hickory Hills and Berwyn and our initial consultation is free.

IRS Criminal Tax Cases

Are you being threatened with criminal prosecution over a tax matter? Our criminal defense attorney works closely with our tax attorneys to help clients facing criminal tax charges, including:

  • Tax evasion or fraud
  • Failure to file returns
  • Money laundering
  • Financial crimes
  • Narcotics-related financial crimes
  • Tax criminal prosecution

Whether you are facing criminal charges or civil enforcement proceedings, we can help you with your tax issues. Before you talk to any IRS agent, call Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. at (708) 598-5999 to make an appointment with a tax professional. You can also alert us to your problem by submitting our online contact form.

Tax Lien and Tax Levy

When you fail to pay your federal taxes, the IRS may initiate collections by sending you a Notice and Demand for Payment along with a Notice of Intent to Levy and Notice of a Right to a Collection Due Process Hearing. Before you call the IRS and risk damaging your case by saying the wrong thing, consult with our firm. We will help you determine whether the IRS made an error. We can also work on your behalf to make a settlement that will avoid the consequences of a tax lien or tax levy.

Do not wait until the IRS attaches your bank accounts or wages or places a levy on your property without consulting us. Delay will only make your problem worse. Our tax attorneys can ease your stress by negotiating with the IRS, sparing you the burden of trying to understand complex tax laws and regulations.

Do Not Face an Audit Alone

If you are being audited, call us. Whether you are facing a correspondence audit that is conducted by mail, an office audit that requires your appearance at an IRS office, or a field audit at your home or place of business, you should never submit to an audit without having an experienced team of tax professionals at your side.

In most instances, we can postpone the audit so that we will have time to gather and examine the documents being requested. We want to ensure you provide the necessary documents without volunteering any information you are not required to provide. If the results of the audit are unfavorable, we can help you appeal to the IRS Appeals Office or take your case to Tax Court.

If you need assistance with your tax debt, make an appointment with Thomas W. Lynch or Scott A. Schimanski by calling Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. at (708) 598-5999. You can also submit questions by using our convenient online contact form.