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Experienced Tax Attorneys For Cook County, IL Residents

TWL_2015_july_LP_CCTax1As the second most-populated county in the United States, Cook County is home to more than five million residents who live in the region’s 130+ municipalities. That gives Cook County a greater population than 29 individual states. People from all walks of life and all income levels live in Chicago and its surrounding communities. Unfortunately, some of those people are struggling to pay their federal or state income taxes.

If you live in Cook County and need help resolving your outstanding tax debt, the experienced tax attorneys at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. can help. They understand the intricacies of state and federal tax law and will advocate on your behalf with all tax authorities to seek the most favorable outcome possible.

Learn about your tax options today. Call Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. at (708) 598-5999 to discuss your situation. You may also complete our online contact form to have someone from our office contact you to set up an appointment.

6 Common Tax Problems Cook County, IL Residents Face

TWL_2015_feb_LPTax_Bridgeview2If a tax authority has recently contacted you regarding an outstanding tax debt or other tax issue, it is normal to feel a little intimidated. The good news is, you do not have to tackle your tax problems alone. You have the legal right to engage a tax attorney to help you deal with federal and state tax authorities.

The knowledgeable tax lawyers at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. have been representing Cook County, IL residents for more than 20 years. They can handle the six most common reasons Cook County taxpayers receive an alarming tax notification:

  1. IRS or state tax audit and appeals
  2. Failure to pay taxes owed
  3. Non-filing of tax returns
  4. Employment tax issues (for business owners)
  5. IRS collections
  6. Criminal tax prosecution

Failing to tackle these issues proactively can lead to a variety of costly yet avoidable consequences, including tax liens and levies, excessive fees and penalties, and even criminal charges in cases involving tax evasion or tax fraud.

Before your situation gets out of control, talk to Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. Your tax attorney may be able to negotiate with the IRS to lower any penalties or interest charges you have been assessed.

Do not procrastinate. Time will not make your tax problems go away. Call (708) 598-5999 now to schedule a free, in-person consultation with a knowledgeable tax lawyer at Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. You can also use our online contact form to submit questions about the services we provide.

Putting 50 Years of Tax Experience to Work in Cook County

20130821-143948.jpgAs a Cook County, IL resident you have numerous choices when it comes to selecting legal counsel for your tax concerns. Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. strives to earn your business by offering a talented team of tax attorneys who have more than 50 years of collective experience working on behalf of Cook County, IL clients.

As a former IRS tax agent and Assistant Illinois Attorney General, the firm’s founding partner, Thomas W. Lynch, has valuable “insider knowledge” regarding the policies and practices employed by the IRS and the Illinois Department of Revenue. Now that he is on the other side of the bargaining table, he uses this knowledge to help Cook County residents.

The firm’s other tax attorney, Scott A. Schimanski, is a former IRS Revenue Officer. In addition to having experience handling some of the most complex tax enforcement cases, he has an advanced law degree in taxation that allows him to better serve clients with complex tax problems.

For Cook County, IL residents who are facing criminal tax charges, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. will bring in the firm’s criminal defense lawyer to provide you with experienced representation in state or federal court. The firm also maintains strong working relationships with tax accountants and other professionals who will be added to your legal team if the case requires additional support.

In keeping with our commitment to go the extra mile to provide you with sound legal representation, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. offers:

  • Flexible evening and weekend appointments at two convenient locations
  • Affordable, upfront rates
  • Convenient payment plans

See why Cook County residents have placed their trust in Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. for more than two decades. Call (708) 598-5999 today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a tax attorney.