Tax Attorney in Joliet, IL

Tax Attorney in Joliet, IL

Is the IRS garnishing your wages for unpaid income taxes?

Contact our tax attorneys to help stop wage garnishments now!

Facing the IRS alone is never your best option.  Our experienced tax attorneys can help you stop wage garnishments and set up a payment plan that is within your budget.  Having a knowledgeable tax attorney on your side means someone is watching out for your interests because the IRS agent is not.  Before you pay any more money to the IRS, contact our office to find out how our tax attorneys can help you.

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Our tax attorneys can help you with more than just wage garnishments

In addition to wage garnishments, our attorneys assist clients with an array of tax problems and issues.  No matter what tax issue you may be facing, you can be assured that our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help you.  Our tax attorneys help clients with:

  • IRS audits
  • State and local tax problems
  • Analyzing tax transcripts for errors or issues
  • Negotiating settlements with the IRS or other taxing authorities
  • Tax protests and petitions
  • Tax liens and tax levies
  • Tax amnesty programs
  • Non-filing tax returns
  • Estate taxes, income taxes and business taxes
  • Tax litigation, including but not limited to, allegations of tax fraud


Do not wait for the IRS agent to show up at your door! Let our tax attorneys help you solve your tax problems.  Our office is conveniently located at 9231 S. Roberts Road in Hickory Hills, IL 60457, which is one and ½ mile west just off Interstate 294 at the 95th Street exit.  We offer convenient weekend and evening appointments to accommodate your schedule.

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Who are our tax attorneys?

Our attorneys are experienced in solving tax problems and are well versed in the tax code so you can be confident you are getting the best representation.  Two of our attorneys have direct IRS experience and one of the attorneys is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in addition to being a tax attorney.

Thomas W. Lynch, Attorney Thomas W. Lynch – Mr. Lynch is the owner and founder of the firm and provides his clients with exceptional service as he has for over 20 years.  Mr. Lynch is a former Internal Revenue Service Agent.  During his time with the IRS, he worked in the Special Enforcement Division for the IRS.  Mr. Lynch also worked as a CPA and continues to maintain his CPA license.

Scott A. Schimanski, Attorney Schott A. Schimanski – Mr. Schimanski has been with the firm since 2006 and also worked with the Internal Revenue Service prior to attending law school.  His experience in tax enforcement, assessment and collection help him aggressively defend our clients against the IRS. He also holds an advanced degree in tax law.

Mr. Martin-Johnston, Attorney Michael Martin-Johnston – Although he has only been with the firm for a little over two years, Mr. Johnston has worked extensively in federal and bankruptcy litigation giving him a solid base in bankruptcy law.  Mr. Johnston works with clients who need to file bankruptcy to solve their tax issues.


All of our tax attorneys are hear to help you solve your tax problems so that you can move forward.  Whether it is through an installment agreement, offer-in-compromise or bankruptcy, our attorneys help you resolve your tax issues so you can stop worrying about the IRS.

With reasonable rates and affordable payment arrangements, there is no reason to delay. 

Contact our office for your FREE consultation today.

Joliet, Will County, IL 60431

Joliet is the fourth largest city in Illinois with almost 148,000 residents.  The city is located 45 miles southwest of the Chicago Loop.  Incorporated as “Juliet” in 1836, the city was unincorporated upon petition by the residents to the state because they waned to save on taxes.  However, in 1845, residents changed the name from Juliet to Joliet and reincorporated the city in 1852.