Tax Attorney in Justice IL

Tax Attorney in Justice IL

Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C– Tax Attorneys

Thousands of citizens across the U.S. have been hit by the crushing effects of the 2009 international financial crisis to the point where many individuals and business owners are facing personal debt and IRS tax problems. Handling such personal debt can be a distressing and bewildering experience for the people of Justice and it is not always easy to know who or where to turn for help and guidance – which is why a free consultation with Thomas W. Lynch & Associates can provide the solution you need.

The law firms of Thomas W. Lynch are one of the premier practices in the Southwest Suburban Chicagoland area. Our fully insured tax attorneys have years of experience in all areas of tax, bankruptcy, criminal and estate law.

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The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch includes:

A founding partner of the firm in 1992, Thomas W. Lynch, Attorney, is still going strong. A former agent for the IRS (7 years), Mr. Lynch was also an Assistant Illinois Attorney General (5 years). This experience has served him well as a private attorney ever since when working with Financial, Tax and Real Estate issues. Graduating from the Illinois Examination bar in 1986, Mr. Lynch’s Mr. Lynch is now regarded as one of Illinois’ premier lawyers.

Robert W. Maucker of counsel to this firm is a former businessman in the Construction Industry. As a fully-qualified attorney he brings with him 30 years of experience in Probate cases, Personal Injury and Medical Malpractice. Mr. Maucker has been performing “hands on” litigation work since 1998, representing clients in court who want someone beside them that can get results.

Attorney Martin Doorhy is a former U.S. Air Force Judge Advocate General who has been living and breathing law since 1987. Mr. Doorhy has a fantastic track record as advocate for clients facing criminal allegations. As Chief of Military Justice, he has prosecuted at over forty courts-martial and discharge board cases involving offences from rape and child molestation to armed robbery.

Being on the “other side” as a former IRS Revenue Officer (1991-1994) has given Scott A. Schimanski a great background during his 14 years as an attorney. Since graduating from the Illinois Examination bar in 1997, Mr. Schimanski has made tax law, commercial litigation, and employment cases his areas of expertise. As a Revenue Officer, Mr. Schimanski’s tax enforcement work extended through participating in examinations and criminal investigations.

The youngest of the Thomas W. Lynch attorneys, Michael Martin-Johnston excels in federal and bankruptcy litigation. Formerly of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Michael’s hands-on litigation and creditor-focused experience has provided him with invaluable insight into creditor negotiation tactics, asset investigation, trial strategy, and post-judgment enforcement.

IRS Tax Problems

Tax is a serious matter and all sorts of problems can arise if we are not properly focused on our federal financial returns. That’s why Thomas W. Lynch & Associates can take the load off. We have all the legal expertise and extensive experience required when it comes to handling IRS collections as well as two attorneys with direct IRS experience. Our practice also offers assistance with IRS audit.

Tax Lien & Tax Levy

In our experience, being able to open up tax negotiation with the IRS is an important preliminary when dealing with their tax agents, which is why we make it an integral part of the service provided by Thomas W. Lynch.

Our IRS tax lien lawyers and IRS tax levy attorneys are also well-experienced in all matters relating to applying for tax relief. We also have attorneys for people facing Illinois tax prosecution brought against them by the IRS.

Non-Filing Tax Returns

It’s not unusual for people to fall foul of the IRS because they have forgotten to submit their tax returns. Nevertheless, having the IRS on your back is not a pleasant experience. It’s no suyrprise then that the tax litigation attorneys of Thomas W. Lynch have provided help for many people and business-proprietors when it involves cases of non-filing tax returns. We are also fully qualified to handle 941 Illinois tax non-filing.

Our practice can also assist you with:

  • Tax Criminal Prosecution
  • Tax Evasion Allegations
  • State Tax Appeals
  • Tax Court Procedures

As well as providing non-filer assistance, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates also offer the following legal services:


Our practice is a Member of the American Bankruptcy Institute and conversant with all Illinois bankruptcy laws. Our lawyers have helped over 3,000 individual’s secure IRS tax debt relief. Thomas W. Lynch bankruptcy attorneys have years of experience when it comes to assisting people file bankruptcy papers.

Criminal & DUI Representation

Life can throw us some major curve balls during our existence so it is inevitable that some people are going to face situations where they might be charged for criminal offenses. Thomas W. Lynch offers only the best criminal lawyers to provide the defense you are entitled to. We also have experts DUI attorneys for illegal motoring cases.

Real Estate Issues

The property tax lawyers at Thomas W. Lynch are second to none. Our fingers are always on the real estate pulse enabling us to provide the very latest advice on all matters concerning real estate regulations with real estate attorneys fully qualified in all aspects of property law.

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About Justice

The village of Justice, southwest of the Chicago Loop, began life along Archer Avenue, a one-time Indian trail and one of the oldest roads in Cook County. It is bordered by the Illinois & Michigan Canal to the northwest which was established in 1835 with the Irish and German workers becoming the first real settlers in Justice.

Described as a “bedroom community” when it first began to develop as an incorporated settlement in 1911, the village of Justice in southwest Cook County, is now home to roughly 12,500 residents.

A growing, evolving town, Justice is enjoying a 3% development rate with the construction of 500 new townhomes completed and further construction under way. The motto of Justice, “Family, Business, and Community Friendly” couldn’t be more appropriate as the town features some 172 small businesses ranging from barbers, hair stylists, and florists to mini marts, tavern grilles, and tattoo parlors with many others in between.

The village is further defined by the two large cemeteries, picnic groves, and taverns which the people from Chicago used to visit in droves in the late 19th century/early 20th and which sparked huge economic growth for Justice with the formation of three monument firms.

Help is at hand…

Whatever your personal debt problem in Justice, Thomas W. Lynch & Associates provide the best tax attorneys for every situation. Call us now on (708) 598-5999 for free confidential in-person consultation.