Tax Attorney in Merrillville, IN

Tax Attorney in Merrillville, IN

Are you facing any of these problems?  Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service can be frightening because agents try to intimidate you into accepting agreements that are unfair and excessive given your circumstances.  The only way to protect yourself is to hire a tax attorney that has experience in dealing with the IRS.  Our attorneys not only have experience working with the IRS but some of our attorneys have actually worked for the IRS.

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Reasons why you need to hire a tax attorney

There are many reasons why you should hire a tax attorney to assist you with negotiating with the IRS but the most important reason is that an attorney will protect your rights – – can you say that about the IRS agent?

  • Confidentiality – You are protected by attorney-client privilege so your attorney cannot be made to testify against you at trial; however, a CPA could be forced to testify against you.
  • Experience – Tax laws and codes are complicated and change often.  An experienced tax lawyer understands the tax code and will help you cut through the countless volumes of code to achieve the best settlement possible.
  • Your time is valuable – Dealing with the IRS can be a long, drawn-out process that can consume your life.  Having a tax attorney working for you can let you concentrate on other things that are as equally important.
  • Peace of mind – Worrying about tax problems can take its toll on your emotions and have serious consequences in your professional and private life.  Allowing an experienced tax attorney to handle your IRS problems can offer you the security and peace of mind to continue your life in spite of tax problems.
  • Finding your best option – You may think that you have only one option when negotiating with the IRS; however, a tax attorney will work to find all of the options available to you and then help you decide which option is best to solve your tax problem.

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Our attorneys get results!  Our knowledgeable and skilled attorneys are ready to take on the IRS to negotiate the best settlement for you.  You can rely on our attorneys to help you with issues such as underpayment of taxes, failure to file tax returns, failure to pay taxes, tax fraud and more.  Our attorneys include two previous IRS employees who understand the inner workings of the IRS and that benefits you!

Thomas W. Lynch, Attorney Thomas W. Lynch – Owner and founder of The Law Office of Thomas W. Lynch.  With seven years of experience working as an IRS agent, Mr. Lynch puts his knowledge of the IRS to use when aggressively representing his clients with tax problems.  Mr. Lynch also has experience as a CPA that enhances his ability to help you resolve your tax problem.

Scott A. Schimanski, Attorney Scott A. Schimanski – Mr. Schimanski also utilizes his experience as a former Revenue Officer with the IRS to help clients get the best settlement possible.  His work with the IRS in tax enforcement and collection gives him a unique perspective that helps clients settle tax problems quickly.

Mr. Martin-Johnston, Attorney Michael Martin-Johnston – Concentrating in bankruptcy, Mr. Martin-Johnson knows exactly how to help clients who are facing bankruptcy because of tax problems.  His knowledge of the bankruptcy code in relation to tax liabilities helps clients make important decisions about their financial future.


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Merrillville, Lake County, IN 46410

Merrillville covers over 31 square miles of beautiful land along the Turkey Creek and Deep River in Indiana.  Once belonging to the Potawatomi Indians, this beautiful area was officially recognized as a town by the State of Indiana in 1971.  Currently the town has approximately 35,000 full-time residents; however, many more visit the area each day to shop or conduct business.