Mortgage Cheat-Sheet for First-Time Homebuyers

TWL_2015_feb_blog10According to a survey conducted by the Daily Mail, buying a house is the #1 most stressful experience people face today. What’s behind the stress? Well, for first-time homebuyers, the anxiety of shopping around and getting approved for a home mortgage can be confusing and overwhelming—especially when it feels like they need to brush up on their vocabulary just to understand the process. A helpful new U.S. News & World Report article helps demystify the process with a cheat sheet on the top 10 mortgage terms every first-time homebuyer should understand before they  shop for lenders. The article helps shed light on terms like points, prequalified, escrow, private mortgage insurance, conventional loan, and adjustable rate mortgage.

Check out the entire mortgage primer here.

Image Source: Alan Cleaver