Tax Law Professionals


We  employ former IRS and State Enforcement Personnel

We have Attorneys and Accountants on staff who have “CPA” experience

We offer Free Confidential InPerson Consultations

We Charge Reasonable Rates

We are Conveniently Located in the Southwest Suburbs  Close to many Expressway Exits and  Have Served the Community for Over  Twenty Years

We have Flexible Evening and Weekend Hours Available

Complying with the tax law is generally a routine matter. Sometimes, however, for a variety of reasons , events take unpleasant turns which result in tax issues become anything but routine.

These situations include circumstances where: a back log of non-filed returns exist, large or overwhelming tax liabilities threaten a business or individual, audits or tax court issues threaten to turn a business or individual “upside down” if not handled properly, or worst of all being confronted with potential or actual criminal charges.

Our firm has the ability to assist you in handling your tax headaches.

Our legal staff includes two Attorneys who have worked with the Internal Revenue Service in Federal Tax enforcement positions and one Attorney who has worked with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office on State Tax enforcement issues.

We understand why you are worried, and we know just how worried you should be.

We offer a free, person-to-person, confidential consultation to assist you in getting the information you need.

Our office is conveniently located near a number of expressway exits in the southwest suburbs.

We maintain flexible evening and some Saturday hours to make it easy for you to meet with .

Our rates are reasonable and we accept various forms of payment.

We can provide the services you need to most effectively address your personal or business tax problem.