Woman Taken to the Wrong Hospital Faces Bankruptcy Due to Uncovered Hospital Bills

4769316830_bf3a63133d_qA Wisconsin woman had enough on her plate when she suffered a heart attack at the age of 29. But, paramedics unknowingly added insult to injury by taking the unconscious victim to a hospital that was not covered by her insurance. After spending 10 days in a medically induced coma, young Megan Rothbauer woke up to hospital bills totaling $250,000. Had paramedics taken her to a hospital just three blocks from where she was admitted, her portion of the bill would have only amounted to $1,500. While both the hospital and her insurance company have reduced or covered portions of the unexpected hospital stay, Rothbauer is still left with $50,000 in bills she can’t afford.

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Image credit: rhysasplundh