A man using the telephone number listed above has been calling people and identifying himself as working with the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division.  He then follows up by telling the person he called that they owe the IRS money and then proceeds from there.

This is a scam.  The IRS Criminal investigation Division does not call people and tell them that they owe money.  The IRS Criminal investigation investigates tax fraud.

If you receive a call from this individual do not give him any information.  He is not the IRS.  He is out to cheat people.  Ignoring him is very likely enough.  I believe he has already been reported to all individuals who could have any hope of shutting him down.


The IRS is a very large organization and does not work in a way which does not allow you to verify their personnel.  If you find yourself confronted by/with someone who says they are from the IRS and wants wants you to do anything for them.  Take as much time as you need to confirm the identity of the party, preferably through at least two sources.

Tom L.