About Thomas Lynch

Attorney Thomas W. Lynch‘s background as an agent for the Internal Revenue Service (seven years) and as an Assistant Illinois Attorney General, in the Civil Tax and Charitable Corporations Divisions (five years), provides his clients with a wealth of experience for dealing with Financial, Tax, and Real Estate issues. After graduating from DePaul University in 1977, and passing the Illinois Certified Public Accountants examination, Mr. Lynch gained experience in financial matters working in the Public Accounting Profession.

In 1979 Mr. Lynch began work as an Internal Revenue Agent, auditing and otherwise working in enforcing the Federal Tax Law for the Internal Revenue Service. Eventually Mr. Lynch’s work for the Internal Revenue Service lead him to work in the Internal Revenue Service Special Enforcement Division investigating unusual cases and developing and assisting in prosecuting Federal Criminal Cases in cooperation with the U.S. Attorney Generals Office.

While working with the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Lynch attended the John Marshall Law School in the evenings, graduating in June of 1986 and passing the Illinois Bar Examination that same year. After leaving the Internal Revenue Service in 1987, Mr. Lynch worked as an Attorney with the State of Illinois Attorney General’s Office from 1987 through 1992. At the Illinois Attorney General’s Office Mr. Lynch worked in the Civil Tax and Revenue Division, gaining valuable experience in State Tax Matters.

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A Few Things To Know About State of Illinois Sales Tax Enforcement and Audit Techniques for Small Businesses.

Most Illinois tax professionals can tell at a glance whether a small business is at risk for an Illinois sales tax audit. Here are some of the reasons. Despite the changes in the way people work which occurred in the last few years, the State of Illinois continues being able to enforce it's tax law, possibly now more aggressively than ever. Illinois has created a very efficient system of tax compliance and enforcement, to process returns and the related funds, as well as to resolve … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Filings Down 55% in Northern District of Illinois.

In the Northern district of Illinois, Bankruptcy filings in April of 2021 are down 55% from April of 2019, the last year for which filings were not affected by the pandemic. The April figures continue the trend of bankruptcies being down for this calendar year (by 54% through April 30th) when compared to 2019. Difficulties in pursuing credit and collections lawsuits in through the Illinois courts, limitations on moving forward with foreclosures and evictions, and the effects of government … [Read more...]

Discounted Rates for Former Poplar Inc. Employees Affected by Upcoming Closures

Poplar Inc. is preparing to close operations centers in Rosemont, where it has approximately 300 employees. Of the 550 Popular positions in Rosemont and Orlando, 100 will be moved to other U.S. offices and  200 will be moved to Puerto Rico. This coupon is valid for former Poplar Inc. employees affected by these closures.   Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. is offering the following until 5/15/2015: 20% off legal fees for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy OR 10% off legal fees for … [Read more...]

Discounted Rates for Former Coldwater Creek Employees Affected by Upcoming Closures

Coldwater Creek is another huge retailer that is being forced to file bankruptcy as sales continue to decline. Coldwater Creek has several stores in the Chicago area that will affect the livelihood of those employees once the stores close. This coupon is valid for former Coldwater Creek employees affected by these closures. Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. is offering the following until 5/15/2015: 20% off legal fees for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy OR 10% off legal fees for Chapter 13 … [Read more...]

Discounted Rates for Former Sbarro Employees Affected by Upcoming Closures

Sbarro is preparing to file for bankruptcy protection citing slower mall traffic as one of the reasons for lost revenues. As part of the current restructuring plan, Sbarro plans to close about 155 locations across North America.  This coupon is valid for former Sbarro employees affected by these closures. Thomas W. Lynch & Associates, P.C. is offering the following until 5/15/2015:  20% off legal fees for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy OR 10% off legal fees for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy To … [Read more...]

Dominick’s Grocery Stores Closings

Safeway Inc.,  is closing its Chicagoland Dominick's Grocery Stores,  all 72 stores  - an event which will cost approximately 6,000 Dominick's employees their jobs.  Some of the stores which are being closed have been in operation since the 1920's.  The closing of the Dominick's Grocery Stores chain will affect many. It will certainly be a hardship for many of their customers.  Many of the stores are located in areas which are under-served by other grocery stores.  A few of the store … [Read more...]

The IRS Fresh Start Program

The IRS has recently updated its procedures for the collection of past-due taxes to include a "Fresh Start" program.  The program is designed to offer some relief to individuals and businesses which owe  "smaller amounts" to the IRS, and are not out of compliance with Tax Filing requirements, or to those which can be brought into compliance within an acceptable period of time. To begin, taxes are high and there is an incredible, and ever increasing, burden of compliance and paperwork coming … [Read more...]


A man using the telephone number listed above has been calling people and identifying himself as working with the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division.  He then follows up by telling the person he called that they owe the IRS money and then proceeds from there. This is a scam.  The IRS Criminal investigation Division does not call people and tell them that they owe money.  The IRS Criminal investigation investigates tax fraud. If you receive a call from this individual … [Read more...]


A bank can be engaged (as well as they seem to become engaged) in the process of evaluating your home mortgage loan for modification and at the same time  go after ownership of your residence through judicial foreclosure. Although Illinois homeowners continue to struggle with their mortgage payments and try to avoid foreclosure, many banks and mortgage companies continue to pursue foreclosures against borrowers seeking loan modifications while the application for modification is still under … [Read more...]

One Law Firm’s Opinion: State of Illinois Department of Revenue at War With Tavern Owners. Wake Up Call to An Industry.

We have had a substantial increase in the owners and operators of Tavern's, Bar's and similar establishments coming to our office with the same complaint:  "The Illinois Department of Revenue has just presented me with an enormous bill for Sales Tax.  I'll never pay this.  They have just put me out of business.  What can I do?" Wake up call to an industry, we do a fair amount of work against the Illinois Department of Revenue, particularly through Administrative Hearings.  The word we are … [Read more...]