A Few Things To Know About State of Illinois Sales Tax Enforcement and Audit Techniques for Small Businesses.

Most Illinois tax professionals can tell at a glance whether a small business is at risk for an Illinois sales tax audit. Here are some of the reasons. Despite the changes in the way people work which occurred in the last few years, the State of Illinois continues being able to enforce it's tax law, possibly now more aggressively than ever. Illinois has created a very efficient system of tax compliance and enforcement, to process returns and the related funds, as well as to resolve … [Read more...]

One Law Firm’s Opinion: State of Illinois Department of Revenue at War With Tavern Owners. Wake Up Call to An Industry.

We have had a substantial increase in the owners and operators of Tavern's, Bar's and similar establishments coming to our office with the same complaint:  "The Illinois Department of Revenue has just presented me with an enormous bill for Sales Tax.  I'll never pay this.  They have just put me out of business.  What can I do?" Wake up call to an industry, we do a fair amount of work against the Illinois Department of Revenue, particularly through Administrative Hearings.  The word we are … [Read more...]