Is It Smart to Secure a Credit Card After Bankruptcy?

twl_2014_dec_blog2If you have recently filed for bankruptcy, a credit card is probably the last thing you want in your wallet. However, when it comes to repairing your damaged credit history, a credit card—used responsibly—can actually be one of your greatest allies. According to Investopedia, people often receive dozens of credit card offers within weeks of finalizing their bankruptcy. That’s because creditors know you can’t file for bankruptcy again for at least two to eight years. Most of these offers are for secured credit cards that require a cash deposit and come with small credit limits in the amount of the deposit. Investopedia advises that not all secured credit cards are created equal. You should carefully consider a card’s fees, interest rate, and grace period and make sure the card reports to at least one of the major credit reporting agencies.

For more tips on choosing a secured credit card to rebuild your credit rating read the full story.

Image Credit: Robert Couse-Baker