Buying a Condo: 5 Reasons it’s Smart for Millennials

With rents rising at twice the rate of income, many millennials are wisely beginning to explore the prospect of buying a home for the first time. According to Zillow, the affordability of buying a condo may make it the smartest way for millennials to enter the realm of homeownership. Because location is often a major selling point for millennial buyers who want to be close to work, night life, and other social settings, buying a condo often offers more bang for the buck than buying a … [Read more...]

4 Common Down Payment Misconceptions When Homebuying

Saving up a down payment of 20% before buying a home may be unnecessarily prolonging your time as a renter. According to Housing Wire, this idea is one of four common misconceptions potential homebuyers have about down payments. While that type of sizeable down payment used to be the standard for most conventional loans, there are a variety of other mortgage programs available today. Qualified homebuyers can even put down as little as 3% when buying a home. That’s good news for the average … [Read more...]