Lawyers Representing Whistle-Blowers Seek to Keep the Gravy Train Rolling

That lawyer who has invited you to a fund-raiser for Barack Obama might be one of the many attorneys that has profited quite handsomely from the Obama administration’s crackdown on corporate fraud. Representing whistle-blowers has proven to be quite beneficial during the Obama presidency, and now those lawyers who have made big money in this area of law are trying to keep the payouts coming. The Obama administration has focused specifically on corporate fraud over the past four years, which has meant a huge windfall for lawyers that represent those employees brave enough to call out dishonesty at the workplace. Now, these lawyers are raising enormous sums of money to keep Obama in office in partial payback for the whopping $1.6 billion that the federal government has paid to whistle-blowers over the past four years. In many of those cases, law firms snagged a hefty 40% of the award given. Read full article.

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