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While dealing with the fact that governments want their taxes is generally a routine matter, it is easy for events to take “UNPLEASANT” turns which ultimately lead to situations where tax issues become preeminent and anything but routine.

These situations include those with circumstances where a “back log” of non-filed returns exists, large or overwhelming tax liabilities threaten a business or individual, audits or tax court issues threaten to turn a business or individual “upside down” if they are not handled properly, or worst of all you are confronted with potential or actual criminal charges.

This Firm has the ability to handle your tax issues.

We know why you are worried and we will have a good idea of just how worried you should be.

We can provide the services you need to most effectively address the problem.


  1. Blaine Mineman says

    Thomas Lynch is representing me in a bankruptcy proceeding. He has provided good legal services and I would recommend his practice to others. He has been reasonable to work with and his advice has been very helpful to me and my family.


    Oak Lawn, IL

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